Like a Cat With Three Legs, We Go On

LJI Journalist Name
Dimitrije Martinovic
LJI Partner Name
Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre
Regent Park (Toronto)

Regent Park, Toronto -- The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been staggering, there is not a single area of societal interaction that has not undergone some form of disruption. And yet, communities, organizations, and individuals have adapted. Like a cat with three legs, our collective response has been to go on.  

At Regent Park TV (RPTV), the changes brought on by the pandemic, have simply emphasized the importance of our role and our ability to be a voice for the community. I see this “voice for the community” being played out across the whole gamut of our interactions.

Thus far, from individuals like the local small business owners we have interviewed, to our community leaders and local representatives, all who understand the importance of communicating their experiences not only in this historic moment but as part of their ongoing work in service of the community.

With the increased capacity as a result of the Local Journalism Initiative funding to report about what is happening from within our local community, Regent Park TV has gained new importance to the community and has become instrumental in covering stories and issues that connect our local neighbourhood with events beyond.