The 3rd annual "Gun's and Hoses" Charity Hockey Match Raises Funds for the Honour Ranch

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The 3rd annual "Gun's and Hoses" Charity Hockey Match Raises Funds for the Honour Ranch

The Valley Community News Wrap Up with Dana Foster reminds people about the upcoming "Guns and Hoses" charity hockey match on January 21st, and also the need for people to get their nominations in for the Citizen of the Year for their community soon..  It also covers the changeover of owners at the Ashcroft Bakery, the upcoming AGM for the children's choir, which is looking to see who and how many would be interested this year.

The third annual "Guns and Hoses" charity hockey match is to be put on by the Ash Creek first responders. The event will be held at the Drylands Arena in Ashcroft on January 21st. This year's event will be raising funds for The Honour Ranch which provides mental health support to first responders and military personnel, who have suffered trauma. The residents come from across Canada.

The goal of this “Guns and Hoses” event is to raise money for Honour Ranch by providing a fun experience for fans and players alike, while also providing an avenue for people to give back to the community.The Ashcroft Firefighters’ Association is accepting donations on behalf of Honour Ranch. You can make a donation by e-transfer to To donate, you can also do so through the Honour Ranch website at by entering “Ashcroft” in the dedication field. Last year the hockey event raised over $15,000 for the Lytton Fire Department in 2022.

The past Christmas was a great time for many community members as it was the first time since the pandemic that many groups and organizations held events. Theresa Takas was one of the people that took part in creating a memorable Christmas for the community, including leading the Shine on Singers' Children's choir

She says that the Shine on Singer’s Children’s Choir AGM will be held at the HUB January 26th, 2023, at 6pm. A $5.00 membership is available for anymore who is interested in providing opportunities in the community for people to sing and perform. Valley Community News spoke with Theresa on the Christmas event and how people can get involved to support the youth in the community.

And the Rotary Club for Ashcroft and Cache Creek is once again looking for nominations for Citizen of the Years for the following categories: Ashcroft, Cache Creek, TNRD Area 1 and Student/Youth.

Submit a summary of activities of your nominees along with your name and contact information by January 31, 2023 to Rotary Club PO Box 11, Ashcroft BC, V0K 1A0 or by emailing



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Video Upload Date: January 12, 2023
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