$6m per Year Needed to Improve Local Roads

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$6m per Year Needed to Improve Local Roads

"Summary Report": Episode 2, Special Committee of the Whole - Road Strategy Review.

In this special Committee of the Whole meeting, Councilors for the Cité de / City of Clarence-Rockland speak with Andy Whittaker of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. about the current Road Strategy within the local Asset Management Plan.

A review is underway to determine the best way to approach future maintenance and development within the local road network and, following one-on-one conversations with Mr Whittaker, the Councilors engaged in a conversation that centered around 5 main topics.

The 5 themes were:

The Baseline Plan;

First theme of the evening was looking into the city's baseline plan which is used to help identify the areas of priority.

Councilors were asked throughout the evening is they agree or not with the systems in place. There was strong agreement that due to the lack of available funding's a baseline plan is vital but there was a general consensus it could be improved and Councilor Bouchard had an idea of how...


The second theme of the night was regarding flexibility and the fact that most councilors found that the plan was too rigid and that councilors weren't able to provide as much input as they would want.

The theme suggested that there shouldn't be any ward that goes too long without some kind of roads project. 

This theme created a divide in opinions as some councilors didn't support the idea of dividing the plan between wards as there was a cry for unity to look at the municipality as a whole, as a collective. 

However, some suggested that there should be a difference between rural and urban as Councilors explained... 


3rd theme surrounded communication, with all councilors agreeing that the way in which things are explained to residents is vital in easing public opinion surrounding plans, with the idea of summary sheet containing the "coals notes" being suggested.

Councilor Choinière spoke of rural residents frustration that they pay as much in taxes as but they're roads aren't being maintained in the same way as those living in the city of Clarence-Rockland.

But other councilors were quick to point out that that taxes are for the whole municipality and that you have to inform them of where their money is going. 

Gravel Roads;

The next theme focused around 99 km of gravel roads within the municipality. 

Councilors debated a little over what should be done with gravel roads as some felt like they needed to be left and not upgraded as we don't have the money and others felt it was necessary for progress, but one thing they all agreed one was maintaining a higher standard to the gravel roads we have... 

& Additional Funding.

Finally, the last theme the councilors were asked to discuss was where they could find the injection of money to help increase the quality of the local roads, and, it will come as a surprise to no-one - that it's from the tax payer. 

There was support amongst the Councilors for a further increase but they wanted to see a breakdown of the numbers, how much and for how long until a real dent would be made...

Unsurprisingly, Councilors held a broad range of views but over the course of two hours certain priority areas and approaches were identified.

In this 20-minute summary reporter Thomas Stockting will take you through the key elements of the meeting, including what changes the residents of Clarence-Rockland might see in the near future...

This is a summary and to watch the full "Committee of the Whole" meeting following this link


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Video Upload Date: April 6, 2021

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