ACN6: BC starts to open up

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ACN6: BC starts to open up

ACN stands for Ash-Creek News, the most trusted video news group in the Ashcroft Cache Creek Area. This episode takes place on May 15th 2020.

Things start opening back up in Ashcroft, Cache Creek and Beyond! Privately run and parks open back up with a limited capacity and with new guidelines. On a trip to the coast Gareth personally saw about 200 campers and or RV's travelling to the interior, it seems that everyone is taking advantage of the easing of regulations.

The New COVID numbers in BC are as follows Tuesday 7 new cases 1 death, Wednesday had 16 with 1 death, and Thursday brought us 15 new cases 3 new death.

The BC school system is also looking at starting back up on June 1st, again with several new restrictions and guidelines, such as smaller classes, cleaning times, and physical distancing measures, at this time students would be able to go back for one day a week. Students will have to clean their hands every morning upon arrival, and teachers and staff will be asked to do a daily health check in. All of this makes a full restart of the school system in September.

The Employee Support program has been extended for another period of time. This is not the CERB, this is meant for businesses that want to bring back employees but cant afford it, the Government will pay up to 75% of wages to have those employees come back to work.

BC medical is looking at opening back up certain elective surgeries as well, with several safety measures in place.

All gym restrictions will be able to re open again, but any business that wants to reopen must provide a plan to the province in regards to how they are going to handle safety during COVID 19.

Some other businesses that are able to reopen with heavy restrictions include: Tattoo parlors, body modifications, hair salons, tanning beds, massage etc. However everyone must still have a plan for the Government.

An ongoing smoldering fire at the mushroom manure plant outside of Cache Creek is still producing heavy "toxic" smoke is being handled through special dispensation thanks to MLA Jackie Tegart. This fire was not an authorized burn, and happened due to spontaneous combustion in densely packed material at the composting business. The property sits in an area that is just outside of all municipality jurisdictions for fire prevention, and has been smoldering for a week or so at this point.



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Video Upload Date: May 15, 2020

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