After 22 Years New Owners Take Over the Ashcroft Bakery

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After 22 Years New Owners Take Over the Ashcroft Bakery

The Ashcroft Bakery, formerly owned by Debbie Touhey has been open in the town of Ashcroft for over twenty years and yesterday, Taylor Hanson and her husband took over the reins and is now running the iconic bakery in downtown Ashcroft

The Hanson’s have big plans for this local business which includes expanding the menu to offer healthier options, perhaps even launching pre-made dinners, and a new food truck which they are hoping to have at this year's Cache Creek Graffiti Days. 

The Ashcroft Bakery on the corner of 12th and Bancroft is a historic landmark for the town. More importantly, as our only bakery business that has been owned by locals for over 20 years, it's a staple in the community and has brought a lot of joy to many people over the years. 

Taylor and her family have been in the gold country region for about 6 years, her and her husband saw this as a great opportunity to continue to see the bakery successful in the community.

Touhey says she'll keep showing up at the bakery, but only as a guest to enjoy the baked goods and coffee—and this time she won't have to keep getting up to work.

Many communities including Ashcroft are finally seeing many of the baby boomers slowly letting go of the reigns and letting a new generation take over and with fresh new faces taking over the bakery the community of Ashcroft will continue to enjoy baked good for years to come!


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Video Upload Date: January 6, 2023
Cache Creek

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