Anti Racism in Sport Accord Launch

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Anti Racism in Sport Accord Launch

On the first anniversary of the start of the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign, the Anti-Racism in Sport Accord launched on April 21, 2022, at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. The Accord will commit sports organizations to become actively anti-racist.

The Anti-Racism in Sport Accord contains commitments that organizations agree to help them become anti-racist. This will ensure that sport in Winnipeg is a safe space for all.

“Throughout the campaign, we have heard many stories of ongoing racism in sport in Winnipeg,” said Daria Jorquera Palmer, a project consultant for the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign who led the development of the Accord. “By signing the Accord, organizations are taking steps to address the racism within the sports community and actively engage in anti-racism action,” she added.

 “The Goldeyes are proud to have been included in the development of the Accord. We look forward to signing this very important document and continuing to promote a spirit of inclusiveness throughout our organization,” said Andrew Collier, General Manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club, a signatory to the Accord.

“It’s important for Sport Manitoba to be an anti-racist organization and for all Manitobans to participate in inclusive and welcoming sports programs. We are grateful to the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign for challenging our organization to participate in anti-racism training, rework our policies, and advocate for real change that will benefit athletes, coaches, volunteers, officials, and the broader sports community for years to come,” said Janet McMahon, President and CEO of Sport Manitoba, who is signing onto the Accord.

“Signatories will be able to access support from the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign to ensure they have the information and resources they need while working towards their anti-racism goals,” said former Olympian Wanda Guenette, who will serve as MC for the Accord launch.

The Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign has secured commitments from over 30 organizations to sign onto the Accord.

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Video Upload Date: April 27, 2022

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