Ashcroft, BC, Held All Candidates Forum for Municipal Council

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Ashcroft, BC, Held All Candidates Forum for Municipal Council

On October 3rd, 2022, the Ashcroft All Candidates Forum was held  by Valley TV with Brandy Cooper Chardon as Host providing introductions and land acknowledgements and Dana Foster as the moderator.

The forum was a great success, providing an excellent opportunity for the public to hear from each of the five candidates running for Ashcroft Council: Jonah Ansett, Joris Ekering, Doreen Lambert, Nadine Davenport, and Jessica Clement.

The candidates were given three minutes each to make their opening statements before taking questions from the audience. The topics discussed during this forum were diverse and included housing issues, community economics, healthcare access, and infrastructure needs in the town.

One of the prominent themes that emerged from the discussion was the importance of 'truth and reconciliation' with Indigenous people in decision-making.

Several candidates spoke about the need for council to consider the impact of their decisions on local First Nations communities and to consult with leaders and elders in order to gain their perspectives on matters that affect the community directly or indirectly.

All five candidates demonstrated a strong commitment to improving life in Ashcroft through proactive decision-making that would benefit everyone living here, regardless of their background or ethnicity. They shared their visions for the future of the community and how they would work towards achieving their goals if elected.

The forum was successful in providing insight into what each candidate stands for while giving them a platform to express themselves and answer specific questions from the community.

It was an excellent opportunity for the candidates to showcase their knowledge and experience, as well as their plans for the future of Ashcroft.

In addition to her involvement with the All Candidates Forum, Barbara Roden successfully won another four-year term as Mayor after running unopposed. She expressed her excitement at working with the newly elected council members and continuing to serve the community of Ashcroft.

The Ashcroft All Candidates Forum was an important event for the community, allowing residents to hear directly from the candidates and gain a deeper understanding of the plans and priorities for the future of our town.

The candidates demonstrated their commitment to working towards a better future for all residents, and it is clear that the community is in good hands with these dedicated individuals serving on the council.



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Video Upload Date: October 3, 2022
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