Ashcroft regular Meeting Feb 24 2020

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Ashcroft regular Meeting Feb 24 2020

At the February 24th 2020 Village of Ashcroft Regular Meeting was attended by: Mayor Barbara Roden Councillor Marilyn Anderson Councillor Jonah Anstett Councillor Nadine Davenport Councillor Debra Tuohey Yoginder Bhalla, Chief Financial Officer S. Daniela Dyck, Deputy Corporate Officer Brian Bennewith, Public Works Foreman, as well as 14 people in the gallery and the HUB Online Network as media.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm due to a Committee of the Whole meeting that went a little long. The council adopted the Agenda for the meeting and agreed to the minutes from three previous sessions for council: Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held Monday January 27, 2020, Minutes of the Committee of the Whole held on Monday January 27, 2020, and Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council Planning Session held Monday February 10, 2020.

This council meeting had two delegations: The Desert Sands Community School group SOGIA (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Alliance). This was presented by students Vivian Mclean and Alison Spooner. the alliance fosters inclusion, provides a safe space for all students and advocates for the SOGI123 movement at DSCS. The group has presented to the Board of Education and travelled to meet with other SOGI groups. The alliance would like to continue to connect with other groups in the area. They are developing a school wide mural using “handprints” spreading the message that “everyone is welcome”. The alliance is requesting a partnership with the Village of Ashcroft to repaint the Rainbow crosswalk on Railway Ave. this spring. Volunteers from SOGIA will do the painting if Village supplies paint, supplies and safety gear. SOGIA is asking for a donation to the alliance for their efforts so that they are able to continue to travel and meet with other groups in the area. A Grant in Aid form has been submitted for Council’s consideration.

The next delegation was Cache Creek Mayor Talarico & CFO, Christina Martini CFO Martini; They thanked Council for the opportunity to address them and commented in regard to the COTW Asset Management presentation stating that managing assets for small communities can be a financial hardship. CFO Martini encouraged Council to consider collaborating with neighbouring communities and possibly other communities in the TNRD to share resources would strengthen the region. Using a sweeper as an example, CFO Martini commented that the purchase and maintenance costs are high for equipment that spends most of its time parked, sharing resources such as these and developing a collaboration for shared services could be beneficial to both Cache Creek and Ashcroft. Mayor Talarico, thanked Council for the opportunity to speak and reiterated CFO Martini’s comments encouraging Council to consider a future meeting to discuss potential collaborations.

This meeting then moved onto other matters such as: Affirmative action on zoning amendments, funding to develop a trails master plan, Highland Valley Copper’s Invitation for Mayor Roden to participate in the Environmental Assessment Working Group, Ashcroft Fall Fair’s Grant in aide request of $500, and the renovations to the Ashcroft Curling Club building.

The NDIT Grant was formally voted on and passed with option A: “That the NDIT Economic Development Capacity grant application recommendation of Option 1, “Consider contracting an Economic Development and Tourism position at $25,000 and use the remaining $25,000 for implementation of selected priority and short-term objectives from the draft Strategy” be deferred to the next Council meeting to allow time for Council to review the provided information.”

The meeting ending at 7:50pm on February 24, 2020.


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Video Upload Date: February 24, 2020

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