Balancing Act: Stress Management and Self-Understanding

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Balancing Act: Stress Management and Self-Understanding

Stress management and awareness of personal coping skills are critical issues that warrant exploration within our communities in Vancouver, BC. Daily life presents a myriad of societal stressors, encompassing housing challenges, healthcare, income, childcare, studies, and our individual roles. Furthermore, stress-related issues in our personal lives, interpersonal relationships, and workplaces are pressing civic concerns that demand the development of effective preventive models.

TV hosts Poran Poregbal and Samira Gholami talk to their guest, Elnas Miri. In this conversation, Elnaz, as an acupuncturist, shares her view on how acupuncture could address civic issues such as stress. Elnaz explained the challenge of somatization of stress and how people fear having physical illnesses. At times, after all checkups and physical examinations by the medical proffesionals, they would suggest that the person needs self-care, exercise, and other options for dealing with their stress. Acupuncture is about reaching the nerves stimulated due to stressors the person can not handle.

Poran asks Elnaz to share some simple ways of understanding stress management, and what our viewers could do. Poran emphasized that for a single mother or mothers with younger children who require constant attention, at times, there are not many moments for self-care or receiving the proper support to handle their stress. Elnaz offered practical examples of how anyone could apply them in everyday life. Elnaz said for example "Washing the dishes, moving your body when cooking, or just finding out small steps of doing things differently was what Elnaz found helpful in working on our stress."

Samira talked about the importance of being mindful and knowing the root causes of our stress. She mentioned that we must recognize stress's internal and external root causes. If it is interpersonal relationship challenges, Samira stated "the possibility of impacting our minds and physical bodies is enormous" and stressed the importance of "directing our attention towards understanding and appreciating our own bodies".  Accessing help and support is the core message of this video.

In summary, Poran and Samira appreciated the guest sharing her personal and professional experiences in managing stress. In total, there were several examples of how best and in practical ways we can decrease our stress level and focus on things that matter to us.


Volunteer Hosts:


Poran Poregbal MA, RSW, RCC Doctoral Candidate in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Samira Gholami, BA, MA Candidate Psychotherapist, Co-Founder, Director of Operations Member of (CCPA)


Producer and Journalist:

Sherry Soltani

Skyrise Media Society


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Video Upload Date: January 24, 2024

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