Cache Creek Council Meeting Feb 24 2020

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Cache Creek Council Meeting Feb 24 2020

The February 24th Cache Creek Council Meeting started at 4:32pm and was attended by: Mayor Santo Talarico Councillors Wendy Coomber, Sue Peters and Annette Pittman, Chief Administrative Officer Martin Dalsin Chief Financial Officer Cristina Martini, Amelia Smart and The HUB Online Network Journalist Gareth Smart.

The meeting opened by a delegation presented by Cache Creek resident Amelia Smart. She presented to Council regarding footbridge security and the YCS Community Bus. After obtaining several signatures from residents withing the Sage and Sands Mobile Home Park, Amelia spoke about the need to have the bus route add a stop at the front of the park for ease of access to the older and disabled residents. Currently the bus makes one stop in Cache Creek in the middle of town that isn’t necessarily accessible to all village residents. The bus connects Ashcroft, Cache Creek and Clinton to Kamloops. Currently the bus is capable of making more stops in Ashcroft and Clinton due to more funds being spent on behalf of the residents of those municipalities. The Cache Creek Council has previously express an interest in asking Ashcroft and Clinton to share some time for the Cache Creek residents, so that Cache Creek wouldn’t have to pay more as the Cache Creek Council are looking for ways to keep their spending down.

The other part of the delegation is about lighting which comes on the heels of a couple of personal attacks on residents of the Sage and Sands Mobile Home Park. These attacks are happening at a foot bridge that connects the SASMHP and Collins in Cache Creek. What is being proposed is more lights be added to either side of the bridge as those areas are dark and easy for people to hide in. Mrs. Smart left after her presentation but the council had said that they would take her suggestions under advisement.

The meeting turned to more official matter after the delegation: The council adopted the minutes from the February 10th, 2020 Committee of the Whole Meeting and the February 10th, 2020 Regular Council Meeting. The Cache Creek Council meetings are structured around committee reports:

  • Economic Development- no meeting no report
  • Budget & Administrative Services – No meeting no report
  • Policy & Bylaw Review – Extra water usage rates for the village were given a second reading and passed to staff to come up with costs for public works overtime.
  • Public Works & Community Facilities – No meeting no report
  • Village Services & Liaison - The Friends of Historic Hat Creek Ranch: Councillor Coomber to represent the Cache Creek Village on that groups board of directors, with councilor Defoe as the Alternate.
  • Protective Services - Fire Department Funding Mayor Talarico inquired if they had received any new information from the Graffiti Days Committee regarding their funding request. CAO Dalsin responded that we have not received any further information yet.
  • Intergovernmental Relations - Thompson Nicola Regional District Board Mayor Talarico informed Council that both the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Corporate Officer of the TNRD are retiring. They have hired Randy Diehl as the interim CAO.

The meeting ended at 5:00pm


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Video Upload Date: February 24, 2020

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