Campobello Island Ferry Extended until May 31

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Campobello Island Ferry Extended until May 31

Kathy Bockus discussed her first six months as the MLA for St. Croix on the latest episode of Southwest Magazine. Despite being voted in during a pandemic, Bockus has not only dealt with issues relating directly to COVID-19 but also has being working towards other important local issues such as finding a solution to year-round connection to the mainland for Campobello Island.

"Today the government has announced that the seasonal ferry to Campobello Island will be extended until May 31 for four days a week," announced Bockus on the show. "This will bring us right up to the time where the seasonal ferry traditionally starts. It's not a permanent solution, but it has helped during the time of COVID-19. That said, it's not a winter ferry and therefore we need a permanent year-round solution for the ferry. There is also hesitancy right now to travel through the United States."

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for Campobello to have a connection to the mainland that is reliable and permanent. With cases higher on the other side of the border, islanders have felt less and less comfortable having to travel into the US for essential goods in times when the ferry has been unable to run. 

"I've made the recommendation that all of Campobello get vaccinated all at once," said Bockus, acknowledging the vulnerability of islanders who must travel into the United States for essential goods for everything from gasoline to groceries on days when the ferry has either been off duty or out of commission due to bad winter weather. 


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Video Upload Date: April 7, 2021

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