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Digital Shadows: The Hidden Harms of Cyberbullying

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Digital Shadows: The Hidden Harms of Cyberbullying

These days, due to the expansion of social networks, many people are interested in creating content. However, the problem begins when the capabilities of the virtual world and technology are used to harass, intimidate, or extort others. Another face of the virtual world is a terrifying one that may endanger people's personalities and reputations. The use of artificial intelligence and various graphic software provides facilities to create fake photos and videos, thereby seriously endangering people's lives.

Honey Khadem is a special effects cinema expert who has worked on Hollywood films in the realm of cinematic illusions, even collaborating on one of Steven Spielberg's films. She employs cinematic illusions to make films appear real.

Honey says the real and imaginary worlds are getting closer to each other. From her perspective, as an expert in identifying fake images, it has become difficult to detect a fake image or video. She attributes the growth and advancement of visual technology to this difficulty and believes that while access to various programs for producing images and videos is attractive, it can also be misleading and problematic, falling into the hands of opportunistic deceivers.

In this program, Honey teaches some points that are useful in identifying photos and finding their sources. She believes that users should learn more to avoid becoming victims of opportunistic individuals. She emphasizes the need to be cautious when making private photos and videos public, as these images and videos can be used as an excuse for extortion by opportunistic individuals with alterations.

Honey mentions that teenagers in the province of B.C. are taught how to use social media pages and are less likely to be deceived, however the elderly in particular need more education. She confirms that, as in the past, not every photo or video, even evidence used in court, may be authentic, and experts must first check the accuracy of the photo or video.

In conclusion, she points out that if someone becomes a victim of cyber exploitation, they should seek assistance from an informed lawyer to reclaim lost dignity or property.

Guest: Honey Khadem, Houdini FX Lead

Journalist: Majid Mahichi

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Video Upload Date: February 6, 2024

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