Disability Tax Credit - A Conversation with Local MP

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Disability Tax Credit - A Conversation with Local MP

How to Get the Disability Tax Credit

Revenue Canada decided to stop letting people know about the Disability Tax Credit about a decade ago, so our MP, Peter Julian, (NewWestminster-Burnaby), has taken the challenge on. He has been giving seminars on it from coast-to-coast-to-coast for years, as MLA Jennifer Whiteside explained, in introducing the proceeding. Julian is determined that those with disabilities get their full entitled measure from the government.

It was a full house at Century House in New Westminster last Saturday, when Peter Julian gave his detailed talk with power point slides followed with a half-hour of question answering, and more time allotted to one-on-one meetings with individuals with particular issues.

As he explains, those who can get a Disability Tax Credit Certificate can expect to receive considerable money from the Federal Government over time. If begun early, it can add up to a decent nest-egg. Money can also be received retroactively.

To qualify for this certificate, you must have any of the following challenges, certified by a qualified professional.

  • Be blind
  • Have a severe and prolonged impairment (minimum 1 year) in physical and mental function that markedly restricts your ability to perform the basic activities of everyday living.
  • As a result of significant restrictions in two or more basic activities of basic living, (including vision), with the equivalent effect of being markedly restricted, or
  • You need, and dedicate time specifically for life-sustaining therapy to support a vital function.

He goes on to explain, the government's definition of basic daily living activities include: speaking, feeding, hearing, dressing, walking, mental functions needed for everyday life, elimination (bowel or bladder function.)

Life-sustaining therapy might include lung therapy or dialysis 3X per week, and takes up 14 hours or more.

To start, you can get from his office the T2201 Form and start the process. Help is always available from his office.

See the full seminar on video now, to get all the details.

By: Susan Millar


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Video Upload Date: April 13, 2022

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