Ghislaine Wheaton Stays On As Deputy Mayor in St. Stephen

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Ghislaine Wheaton Stays On As Deputy Mayor in St. Stephen

A recent council meeting for the Municipal District of St. Stephen covered a wide array of important topics and decisions including the election of a deputy mayor for 2024 as well as deliberations on revising a bylaw related to water and sewer rates, authorizing the borrowing of funds, and cancelling a committee meeting in December 2024.

The meeting commenced with a presentation from Emma Keech, the newly appointed program coordinator at the recently established Charlotte County Seniors Resource Centre. Keech's presentation highlighted the initiatives of the Seniors Resource Centre aimed at supporting the elderly population in Charlotte County through various programs, services, and partnerships. This sparked a meaningful discussion among council members about the need for accessible healthcare services, resources for caregivers, and strategies to combat social isolation among seniors.

After Keech's presentation, reports from different departments were reviewed, showcasing ongoing projects like pool refurbishments and facility maintenance, emphasizing the council's commitment to enhancing community amenities.

The meeting also addressed the annual election of the deputy mayor, leading to discussions on potentially amending the procedural bylaw to establish a once-per-term appointment for the deputy mayor. Unanimously, the council voted to keep Ghislaine Wheaton as Deputy Mayor. 

Another key aspect of the meeting was financial matters, including borrowing authorities for water and sewerage accounts from various financial institutions. Council approved detailed resolutions, discussed interest rate waivers, and empowered designated officers to manage outstanding accounts effectively.

Additionally, the meeting touched upon community initiatives such as donation requests for the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope and the Anglophone South District Inspire award sponsorship. Council members stressed the importance of establishing clear criteria for donation approvals through the upcoming community grants fund policy.

The meeting concluded with a closed session to discuss negotiating agreements and financial matters.


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Video Upload Date: February 12, 2024

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