Happy Holidays -- 'Behind The Headlines' Episode 3

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Happy Holidays -- 'Behind The Headlines' Episode 3

In the third episode of “Behind The Headlines”, released December 21, 2020, we have a couple of lighter stories to reflect the holiday season.In addition, there are stories having to do with different aspects of our health and well-being, including the number of  Covid cases in our area, the fund-raising efforts of Royal Columbian Hospital and finally, our MP's private member's bill for universal pharmacare.

Because of our highly restricted lives today, the City of New Westminster has gone to some effort to pump up the joy by lighting up areas of the city and dispensing home activity kits, among other initiatives. Also, various organizations have taken additional steps to enhance the holiday spirit. First up, we hear about the work of two Queensborough groups and what they are doing in their locale.

Speaking of Queensborough -- its residents often feels like the poor cousin to the rest of New Westminster as it is on an island and separated from the rest of the city.  A couple of years ago, the city started a walk-on ferry service for the islanders to have an easier means to get to downtown New Westminster. It was stopped when the pandemic arrived, and recently started again. Our reporter checked in to see how it was going.

In the area of health care, our MP, Peter Julian, talks about his private member's bill for universal pharmacare submitted to Parliament in September and to be voted on in February. Jeff Norris, CEO of the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, provides a good description of the new hospital which is now being transformed by a $1.5 billion upgrade. He also speaks to the many things that the foundation is charged with fund-raising for to make the hospital not only good but exceptional. City Councillor and medical historian, Jamie McEvoy, updates viewers about the Covid cases in BC and in our local area and also speaks to what makes people susceptible to the disease.

Finally, we hear from New Westminsterites, from two different backgrounds, about what they like to eat for their Christmas celebrations – it's definitely not turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

by: Susan Millar


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Video Upload Date: December 22, 2020

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