Islamophobia in Winnipeg and Beyond

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Islamophobia in Winnipeg and Beyond

Islamophobia is a concrete and daily reality for Muslim communities across Canada and worldwide. This according to Sheikh Ismael Mukhtar - Leader of Manitoba’s Muslim Community.

In this episode, we will stand on many facts to help us understand Islamophobia. When did it start, and how did it develop?

“Civic Platform” will explain the suffering of Muslims during the last period from Islamophobia. It will focus on emphasizing the concept of equality between peoples and cultures that have freedom of belief and thought. So, Muslims are human beings like all human beings. Some of them are good, and some are bad. And we cannot rule them all as terrorists or support their persecution and abuse by others.

The fourth episode of “Civic Platform” features Sheikh Ismael Mukhtar - Leader of Manitoba’s Muslim Community, to give us a lot of information and facts that we should know about Islamophobia in Winnipeg and the rest of the Canadian provinces.

Mukhtar, for many years, has helped the Winnipeg Muslims community to understand their rights and responsibilities. Also, every Friday, Mukhtar stands in the Mosques of Winnipeg and gives lectures to the Islamic community explaining to community members the reality of the Islamic religion and the peace that this great religion calls for. Mokhtar recently published a book entitled “Manitoba Muslims, A History Of Resilience And Growth.” The book explained the history of Islam in Manitoba, documenting a long history that was not present in the pages of books. The book has two main sections, and one of the most important chapters is Islamophobia.

At the end of the episode, Mukhtar advises Muslim youth to be a good example of their religion. They reside in a multicultural country, and each person reflects their family manner.

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Video Upload Date: April 20, 2022

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