Journeys in Finding Home: Embracing Cultural Richness in British Columbia

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Journeys in Finding Home: Embracing Cultural Richness in British Columbia

Attending cultural events and embracing their heritage are important for newcomers in British Columbia (BC) to forge connections within their social environment. Our cultural history and traditions not only enrich our lives but also serve as avenues for newcomers to integrate into mainstream society, fostering unity and solidarity. While Nowruz holds deep significance in Iranian society, its celebration also presents an opportunity for newcomers in BC to find support and camaraderie within their communities.

In this program, Sherry Sotlani and Poran Poregbal underscore the importance of newcomers' participation in cultural festivities during March and share their observations on the activities within the BC community. They highlight how these events promote newcomers' unity and contribute to a sense of belonging in their adopted homeland.

Poran highlighted the challenges newcomers face: As newcomers, we sometimes encounter 'trauma,' the initial hurdles of adjusting to a new culture and society. From navigating unfamiliar customs to overcoming language barriers, these challenges can feel overwhelming. However, through our experiences, we've learned that finding solidarity with others in our community is key. We can overcome 'trauma' and thrive in British Columbia."

Sherry and Poran also discuss the various resources and support available to newcomers in BC. Local immigrant-serving organizations, community centres, and cultural associations play vital roles in providing newcomers with assistance, information, and connections to their communities. Additionally, government agencies offer programs and services tailored to the needs of newcomers, including language classes, employment support, and settlement assistance.

In conclusion, Sherry and Poran emphasize that active participation in cultural events, coupled with accessing resources from organizations and government agencies, empowers newcomers in British Columbia to forge meaningful connections, navigate their new environment effectively, and foster a profound sense of belonging within their communities.

Here are some links where newcomers in British Columbia can find support from organizations and government agencies including Citizenship and Immigration Canada and British Columbia government's immigrant services.


WelcomeBC (

Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC) (


DIVERSEcity Community Resourc


Volunteer Hosts: Poran Poregbal MA, RSW, RCC Doctoral Candidate in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Journalist: Sherry Soltani

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Video Upload Date: April 2, 2024

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