"Just Transition Now" Rally Highlights the Need to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

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"Just Transition Now" Rally Highlights the Need to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

TriCities Television program "We’ve Got Issues" attended the ‘Just Transition Rally’ at MP Ron McKinnon’s office in Port Coquitlam on March 12th, 2022.

The rally highlighted the need to transition quickly away from fossil fuels and towards a Green Economy. Jobs will be affected, and rally participants believe supports should be put in place to help make this transition.

Following a land acknowledgement, a statement from MP Ron McKinnon was read outlining actions being taken by the Federal Government. Rally participants opened the first ‘Ministry of Just Transition’ and introduced Ben Perry the first Minister of Just Transition, along with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Stephen Crozier welcomed the Minister with a song letting him know what his challenges and expectations will be.

Submissions to the Minister were made by concerned citizens including Laura Dupont who noted that no level of Government is doing enough to address the climate crisis. She stressed the importance of the voice of the youth. Nicola Spurling highlighted some of the challenges and barriers faced by ethical trades-people in transitioning away from fossil fuels and stressed the importance of directing advocacy work towards government and large corporations.

Bill Willson spoke about the role and responsibility of government in making life safe for Canadians and the need to push the Government to support the use of alternate energy sources. Ben Perry called on Stephen Crozier to step up as Deputy Prime Minister. Stephen shared a vision towards Just Transition that was prepared by Avi Lewis and Seth Klein as a way to turn speech into action. Music was provided by Kate Smith and Bill Marshall. The event was initiated by 350.org #LJI.


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Video Upload Date: April 17, 2022

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