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Liberation Threads: Pursuit of Freedom in Vancouver

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Liberation Threads: Pursuit of Freedom in Vancouver

In Vancouver BC, a city pulsating with diversity and complexity, the personal narrative of Nastaran Safarzadeh unfolds against the backdrop of important issues. Her journey, characterized by unwavering resilience, transcends geographical boundaries and cultural nuances, serving as a testament to the universal challenges faced by women pursuing their passions.

Enter Poran Poregbal and Samira Golami, hosts of Today TV to shed light on Nastaran's story. Poran and Samira, champions of women's voices, recognized the importance of Nastaran's journey as she fought against gender-based discrimination and societal expectations.

Born and raised in Iran, Nastaran faced formidable obstacles from the onset. In a society that questioned the future of girls pursuing art, she defied societal norms to enroll in a high school dedicated to the arts. The prevailing belief that female artists wouldn't secure prosperous futures only fueled her determination. The struggle persisted even after high school when she aspired to attend university, choosing a major traditionally associated with men.

As Nastaran delved into designing jewelry, she encountered yet another set of challenges back in Iran. Limited opportunities for women and the inability to physically craft her creations compelled her to seek assistance. Eventually, her pursuit of art led her to Canada, where she encountered a different set of challenges, particularly in the workplace.

In the Canadian landscape, gender disparities in pay were starkly evident. Nastaran, a skilled designer, found herself undervalued simply because of her gender. Despite five years of dedicated work focusing on designing lamps and frames, she faced biased perceptions that hindered her progress as a woman in a male-dominated field.

Poran said "Your story highlights universal struggles, and by sharing it, we celebrate diversity in Vancouver". Poran added that "Nastaran 's experience shows the strength of perseverance and the transformative power of artistic expression in bridging societal divides."

The challenges intensified when she became pregnant. Facing a layoff due to her inability to immediately return to work post-childbirth, Nastaran experienced the harsh realities of being a woman in the workforce. The intersectionality of her gender, immigrant status, and newfound motherhood brought about a myriad of obstacles that she had to navigate with resilience and determination.

Samira praised Nastaran saying that "By sharing your story, we contribute to the dialogue on women's empowerment. In Vancouver, her narrative becomes a powerful symbol of liberation, highlighting the transformative impact of the ongoing movement for women's freedom."

Nastaran's story isn't just about overcoming adversity; it's about finding a voice through art. The Movement of Women Life Freedom became a pivotal moment, shifting her focus from designing functional items to creating art that expressed her emotions and addressed societal issues. Drawing chains and presents, Nastaran explored themes of breaking free from constraints and initiating change through her artistic expressions.

Her journey, spanning from childhood in Iran to immigrant life in Canada, serves as a testament to the challenges faced by women in various societal contexts. Through her art, Nastaran seeks to convey a powerful message – that women, irrespective of cultural backgrounds, should be valued, breaking free from discriminatory norms and forging their own identities. In a city like Vancouver, where diversity thrives, Nastaran's story becomes a vital thread in the rich tapestry of civic issues and personal triumphs.

In summary, Nastaran Safarzadeh's journey echoes the universal struggles faced by women in varied settings. With advocates like Poran Poregbal and Samira Golami amplifying her narrative, her story unfolds as a dynamic chapter in Vancouver's cultural tapestry. It not only celebrates diversity and resilience but also underscores the potency of artistic expression in uniting communities and overcoming societal divisions.


Volunteer Hosts:

Poran Poregbal MA, RSW, RCC Doctoral Candidate in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Samira Gholami, BA, MA Candidate Psychotherapist, Co-Founder, Director of Operations Member of (CCPA)


Producer and Journalist:

Sherry Soltani

Skyrise Media Society


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Video Upload Date: February 2, 2024

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