Little Ray's Nature Centre receives federal funding but, it may not be enough

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Little Ray's Nature Centre receives federal funding but, it may not be enough

This week (Friday 26th February) in Clarence-Rockland's regional update: 


An update on COVID-19 for Clarence-Rockland and Prescott-Russell; The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has reported that all residents of high-risk long-term care facilities and retirement homes have received their first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19. Next, the EOHU will proceed with priority groups in the weeks to come. This includes second doses for residents, then vaccinating staff, inpatients, highest priority health care workers and then adults 80 years of age and older. The speed of this deployment will change as the EOHU gains further access to different vaccines. These doses will be administered in mobile clinics, mass clinics, drive-through clinics and fixed-site clinics. We will provide local locations as they become available. This week, the EOHU also shared the results of the provincial safety information and enforcement campaign. 263 businesses in the region were visited with 59% found to have not committed any violations. Of the remaining 41%, 145 violations were observed. Most of the infractions were related to inadequate screening, not sufficiently enforcing mask requirements and the lack of a proper workplace safety plan. To see the full results please visit the EOHU website or the TVC22 Facebook page.

 A concerned resident talks about clear-cutting in Alfred-Plantagenet; The clear cutting of trees in the local region has been causing quite the stir recently, with concerned residents raising their voices as large areas of forest are being cut down. In Alfred-Plantagenet, a former teacher raised the alarm when she noticed a portion of the wooded area she walks through disappear overnight. TVC22’s Stéphanie Simard caught up with Leeça St. Aubin as she speaks of her worries and the action she wants to see her local council take. We have contacted the local council in Alfred-Plantagenet and will be bringing you their response on this topic in the coming weeks.

New surgeries to be performed in Hawkesbury - Looking further east, there are new services available for the residents of Prescott-Russell in Hawkesbury. The Hawkesbury General Hospital is now offering outpatient hip and knee replacement surgery. A team of world-class surgeons, using the latest medical advances will be able to perform joint replacements that DO NOT require the patient to stay in the hospital overnight. To find out more we spoke to Dr. Maranda, the Chief of Staff at HGH as well as Dr. Beaulé, the Chief of Orthopedics for the Ottawa hospital and HGH, who is leading the surgical team...

Little Ray’s Nature Centre receive federal financial support, but still face struggles  - Now, businesses across the world have suffered from this global pandemic as we all know. But, despite a variety of relief funds and loans available some businesses have expenses that they can’t shy away from. This is the case for Little Ray’s Nature Centre - one of the largest exotic animal rescue sanctuaries in North America. In the last twelve months Little Ray’s have seen a drop of income of over 90% - yet, in that time, their expenses have pretty much stayed the same. With hundreds of different species of animals to feed and a variety of controlled climates required the team at Little Ray’s have been struggling to make ends meet since they had to shut their doors to the public last year. Last week, local MP Francis Drouin announced federal financial aid for the Nature Centre, but there was some confusion over the wording in the press release as the allocated 366,000 dollars is not a grant…

And we catch up with a recently qualified Personal Support Worker. Last October, in light of the health sector labour shortages that were made apparent by the pandemic, the employment services centre in Hawkesbury announced that they will be training nearly 100 personal support workers to help the region. The francophone course is still ongoing but, the english stream has just finished and we caught up with recent graduate Amy Sauvé as she told us why she wanted to make this new career move…


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Video Upload Date: February 26, 2021

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