Local MP discusses How the NDP is Forcing the Liberals' Hand

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Local MP discusses How the NDP is Forcing the Liberals' Hand

Many people wonder why the New Democratic Party agreed to support the Liberals for the foreseeable future. They made what is called a “Confidence and Supply Agreement” with them that could keep the Liberals in power until late 2025. But, and this is the big “but”, they can withdraw their support at any time. Why? The Liberal government has to live up to a number of NDP requirements for their on-going support. And the list of what the NDP want is substantial and meaningful to the lives of Canadians. In this video interview Peter Julian, MP for New Westminster-Burnaby explains.

Host, Susan Millar, asks him why the NDP made this agreement, despite criticism that it might hurt them in the next election as the Liberals will likely take credit for the many positive changes that will be made. Peter Julian says that leader Jagmeet Singh and the NDP party see their primary role as that of helping people, getting things done, rather than spending time and effort on power plays.

The NDP have pushed for a lot. And there are timelines and budgets being put in place, now. In some case, they are in place. What are the agreements? They are broad-reaching including the creation of a lot of housing, a critical issue today; dental care – children first, then seniors and then the general population with incomes below $90,000. Pharmacare is slated to come in next year – a program close to Peter Julian's heart: He put forward a private members bill last year which will be the template for the upcoming one.

The NDP have a quite a list of requirements of the Liberal government for their continued support. Another is that pensioners are paid out in case of a business bankruptcy. They are usually the last in line after banks and other creditors are paid off. In most cases, there is nothing left of the employees pension fund.

Among other things on the NDP's plate is one that would ensure that the transformation of our society away from fossil fuels will require that programs be put in place that will make the transition one that is just and fair for people. For example, that there will be funding for re-training workers, among many others. As Peter Julian says, it's pretty clear that we are living through climate change which is causing so much destruction, death and instability.

Many thanks to our MP, Peter Julian, for giving us a thorough understanding of what the NDP agreement with the Liberals will mean for Canadians.


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Video Upload Date: September 3, 2022

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