Low Entropy Holds Tri-Cities Homelessness Forum

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Low Entropy Holds Tri-Cities Homelessness Forum

Low Entropy's goal is to enhance the social and economic well-being of vulnerable individuals across all cultures, with a strong commitment to honouring the traditions and perspectives of Indigenous and multicultural communities.

The organization embodies the principle of "leading by example" to foster the change we envision in our communities. Through their programs, they dedicate themselves to uplifting the social and economic conditions of those in need, across diverse cultures. With a deep respect for Indigenous and multicultural traditions, they strive to cultivate self-love and compassion, empowering individuals to extend these values within their communities.

Some of the programs they run include ;


Low Entropy believes that ending homelessness transcends beyond providing shelter; it's about weaving the fabric of community support, understanding, and action.


A nine-week program that empowers children and youth through confidence and self-actualization, led by peer leaders.

On February 13th, 2024, a historic transition unfolded at Low Entropy as they welcomed in a new Indigenous-led board of directors. This change came about through a profound realization and a bold step taken by our previous board, who chose to resign voluntarily. Their decision was driven by the recognition of a critical gap in our efforts: the scarcity of Indigenous cultural support for residents of the Tri-Cities area.

Low Entropy is committed to making a difference in the lives of our unhoused friends, focusing on helping them find safe, secure housing. However, with Indigenous individuals making up 33% of the unhoused population in our area, it became evident that our approach needed to be more inclusive and culturally informed.

The formation of the new Indigenous-led board is more than a change in leadership; it is a commitment to learning, understanding, and integrating Indigenous perspectives and wisdom into their work. They believe that the new directors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and cultural insights that are invaluable in their mission to provide support that is not only effective but also respectful and honouring of the people that they aim to serve.

As they move forward under the guidance of our new board, they are diligently learning and adapting their strategies to ensure that their efforts reflect the needs, values, and traditions of Indigenous communities. This is a journey of listening, understanding, and action—a journey that they are committed to taking with humility and respect.


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Video Upload Date: May 10, 2024

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