Mayor John Ranta Provides Information on Cache Creek's Council's First Meeting of the Year

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Mayor John Ranta Provides Information on Cache Creek's Council's First Meeting of the Year

The Cache Creek Village Council had its first meeting on January 4, 2023.  Journalist Dana Fosters talks with Mayor John Ranta about issues covered in that meeting on her program, "The Rural Perspective".

First on the Council agenda was the discussion of sidewalk snow removal. The mayor made the motion to let the public works committee to consider the issue further. The Mayor said that in his term previously that all the sidewalks were cleared. However in the past four years only main roads were cleared such as Stage Road.

The Village Council also discussed a wage increase for student jobs and there was discussion of the wage being equivalent to union wage, however there was concern from council members regarding the increase as it may mean other staff would want an increase as well. 

And The Village of Cache Creek continues to work on the village water project. The Mayor gave a brief update indicating the money was in place. In a future interview, the reporter will speak with the City's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Damien Couture, for further information.

A letter was received by the Village regarding a woman requesting permission to park her RV on private and village property. There was some discussion on citizens living in their RV’s on Village property however it was agreed that women be allowed to conduct business in her RV but not the live there.

The current bylaws regarding RV trailers on Village property was created in 1991. Given that British Columbians are currently in a housing crisis and there are few housing options in Cache Creek, Foster asked the Mayor if the village will be looking at updating old bylaws regarding residential properties. Mayor Ranta stated that all outdated bylaws be looked at this year.

Before the holidays the Village had a few meetings regarding the utility tax increase. Cache Creek residents will see a $24.00 increase added to utilities taxes this year. 

For further coverage on the Village Council meeting please click the link below.

The Cache Creek Village Council Meeting for January 4th, 2023


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Video Upload Date: January 6, 2023
Cache Creek

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