Meet The Candidates For Bayside And Chamcook

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Meet The Candidates For Bayside And Chamcook

On November 28th, New Brunswickers will go to the polls to elect new representatives in for newly formed municipalities across the province as part of the provincial government's ambitious municipal reform plan. 

The municipality of St. Andrews is in a fairly unique position in that the population in only increasing by just under 50% under amalgamation with the addition of Bayside and Chamcook. That means the current council for St. Andrews does not need to be dissolved with an entirely new council and mayor elected. Instead, the current council will remain in place and two representatives from Chamcook will be elected in a by-election and added to the council rooster and one will be elected for Bayside.

CHCO Television organized a Meet the Candidates event featuring the two candidates running in Bayside: Jeremiah Kerr and Darrell Weare; and the three candidates running in Chamcook: Mark Bennett, Blair Gordon and Annette Harland.  In keeping with election guidelines, each candidate is be given the same questions and same amount of interview time. The two Bayside candidates will be given 6 questions and 12 minutes each and the Chamcook candidates have up to 10 minutes to answer five questions. How the candidates choose to use their time is up to them. The candidates were sent the questions and the rules prior to the interview and were given separate interview times. 

New Brunswickers are reminded to do their part and vote in the municipal election on Monday, November 28, 2022. New councils will take effect in January 2023. The St. Andrews Council, at that point in time, will have six representative from St. Andrews, two from Chamcook and one from Bayside. 


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Video Upload Date: November 23, 2022

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