Meet The Council Candidates For Eastern Charlotte

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Meet The Council Candidates For Eastern Charlotte

Municipal election season is currently underway across the province as New Brunswick prepares for province-wide amalgamation of local governments, culminating in election day on on November 28, 2022. Just under 400 municipalities and rural districts will be merged into jusat 77 local governments and 12 rural districts.

The communities of Blacks Harbour, St. George, Back Bay, Bonny River, St. Patrick, Utopia, Pennfield, Seeyles Cove, are Beaver Harbour are merging to become one district, which will be known as Eastern Charlotte.

Eastern Charlotte is one of the regions in the province that is experiencing one of the most dramatic changes to local government during the amalgamation period with 6,700 residents soon to be considered under the umbrella of its name. A full new council needs to be elected, meaning that towns and villages in this region that currently exist will be dissolved with one new council representing the whole area.

Mayor John Craig has already been acclaimed, but there are still a number of council seats that require elections. CHCO Television hosted a Meet the Candidates event for Eastern Charlotte to better acquaint voters with their candidates. Candidates were each given up to 10 minutes of air time to answer a series of six questions. All the candidates were sent the rules and the format as well as the questions in advance of the interview.

New Brunswickers are reminded to do their part and vote in the municipal elections on November 28. The new council will take over from the previous council in January 2023.



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Video Upload Date: November 23, 2022

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