Moss Park Residents Work Together to Save Trees in Moss Park

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Moss Park Residents Work Together to Save Trees in Moss Park

By Leah Glasgow and Lawrence Rodriguez Leah and Lawerence are youth journalists with Focus Media Arts Centre.

Moss Park located between Jarvis Street to the West and Sherbourne Street to the East, and Queen Street to the South and Shutter Street to the North, is a beloved neighbourhood with a rich history. The neighbourhood got its name from the moss that grew on the mansion of George Allan, the 11th mayor of Toronto. It was also a great place for recreation many of the workers that had jobs in industrial areas around Moss Park. Today, the Moss Park area home is to many low income families and an array social services with shelters for homeless people.  Currently, the area has been targeted for renovation to establish a new subway station as a part of the new Ontario Line with Metrolinx.

The construction plan calls for  the destruction of 56 mature and healthy trees, some as old as 60 years old, located within the park, and the occupation of the entire green space south of the baseball diamond. The destruction of the 56 trees poses an environmental dilemma as their disappearance would contribute to an overall lessening in air quality to the neighbourhood. The residents of Moss Park and the Moss Park Coalition,  held a protest against this plan on November 13th, 2022. Together, they tied ribbons, balloons, and hugged trees to show their support of the park and its trees. Their goal was to reverse the plan and create an alternative where the important trees will stay in the park. Residents of Moss Park were interviewed about their opinions regarding the construction plan.

 “...I love this neighbourhood and I’m here because I know this neighbourhood needs as much love as we can possibly give it.” says Diane Devenyi, resident of Moss Park.

“I’m depending on these trees, these carbon farmers, to in fact take up the carbon out of the air and give me oxygen and give me cool air.” says Sylvie Greeniaus, another resident of Moss Park.

The park is loved and adored by caring residents who would not simply give up their important trees. Protesting their concerns involving the Metrolinx subway station construction plan, the residents came together to try and prevent the destruction of the trees and create an alternative plan, where the trees would remain available to the community.

If you are a resident or an individual that wants to be involved in this cause, then contact the following email:



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Video Upload Date: November 23, 2022

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