New Brunswick to Appoint Commissioner to Study Systemic Racism

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New Brunswick to Appoint Commissioner to Study Systemic Racism

On the latest episode of NBWA: New Brunswickers Want Action, hosts Neil Clements, Matthew Martin and Dr. Timothy Christie discuss the controversial implications of the provincial government’s decision to appoint a Commissioner to study systematic racism in New Brunswick.

"The New Brunswick informed us this week that there will be a Commission put together to look at systemic racism in this province," said Martin, who is the President of the New Brunswick Chapter of Black Lives Matter. 

This decision is an important step forward for the province, despite the three hosts' acknowledgement that a Commission is different from their persistent request for a public inquiry into systemic racism in New Brunswick.

"A public inquiry is a legally mandated inquisition into a specific mission such as a police shooting. They have a lot of investigative powers such as subpoenaing people," explained Dr. Christie. "The Commission approach is different. The Commission probably won't have the powers to have people testify under oath or to subpoena people. My understanding is that this Commission will be given broad powers to study systemic racism in New Brunswick. I still think there might be merits to this approach. I'm not ready to pre-judge, and I understand it's not exactly what we've been asking for, but we don't want perfection to be the enemy of the Good."

"The important aspect here is that it's happening," said Clements. 

"This government has said we believe systemic racism exists, and now they're saying they are going to investigate it. They are spending half a million dollars on this Commission to support it," said Dr. Christie.


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Video Upload Date: April 7, 2021

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