News Highlights for Southwest New Brunswick: January 19-26, 2021

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News Highlights for Southwest New Brunswick: January 19-26, 2021

Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 have now joined Zone 4 in the roll back to the Red Level of New Brunswick's COVID-19 Recovery Plan. Chief Medical Officer of New Brunswick Dr. Jennifer Russell made the announcement at a press conference on Tuesday.

While in the Red Level, New Brunswickers are limited to a one-household bubble, restaurants are reduced to take-out, delivery and drive thru services, and business like gyms, hairsalons and entertainment centres must close. Visit for the most updated version of New Brunswick's Recovery Level Guidelines.

The Town of Saint Andrews is making plans to build a new wharf at Market Square. A virtual Public Consultation Session is taking place on Wednesday where residents are invited to give their feedback on several different design concepts for the wharf, which will be presented during the meeting. For those who can't attend the virtual meeting, you can still send feedback to the town by February 5th by post or by emailing

The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission has released a study on housing in Charlotte County. The 91 page report  does not mince words in describing the critical need for more housing in Charlotte County. According to the report, new rental units are needed throughout the region where the median vacancy rate is under one percent, well below the provincial average of 2.6%. The study projects a need for over 1200 new rental units within the next five years in order to not significantly harm economic growth in Charlotte County. With the majority of them being for low and middle incomes.

Beaver Harbour native Arnold Hawkins is the reining oldest man in Canada, and he's turning 110 on January 30th. CHCO was at his 109th birthday party last year celebrating with five generations of his family. Due to COVID-19, Hawkins' family won't be hosting a party this year but is instead are asking New Brunswickers to send him birthday cards to. 
Arnold Hawkins
c/o Cheryl McKinley
858 Rte 770
Bonny River, NB
E5C 1C4. Canada

They are hoping to receive at least 110 cards. 



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Video Upload Date: January 19, 2021

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