North Vancouver's Iranian Community: Civic Engagement Insights

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North Vancouver's Iranian Community: Civic Engagement Insights

North Vancouver is a city that Iranians have a great deal of interest in. As you stroll down Lonsdale Avenue, you'll notice Iranian businesses ranging from restaurants to doctor's offices to bakeries. This city is experiencing growth every day, but due to population density, it faces traffic issues and a shortage of housing.

Our guest tonight is Shervin Shahriari, a member of the North Vancouver City Council. Shervin has lived in this city for over forty years and claims to have contributed significantly to its development.

We inquire about the role of the Iranian community in municipal elections, and Shervin responds that unfortunately, Iranians have had very low participation in elections. He attributes this to the unpleasant experiences some immigrants had in Iran. Shervin provides an example illustrating that many still perceive participating in elections as a political act, whereas it's about social participation and affects the fate of their city.

Shervin elaborates on his experiences in the North Vancouver City Council and his role among other council members. He considers it a part-time job and contrary to public perception, he also has full-time employment.

He discusses the city's problems, proposing an intriguing plan to the city council to provide more facilities for those who both work and live in North Vancouver. He takes housing and employment issues seriously and brings up ongoing initiatives within the city council.

Shervin emphasizes the importance of the Iranian community in the city's economy and social fabric, viewing it positively.

Referring to the Ukrainian Flight PS752 tragedy, Shervin mentions that North Vancouver City is considering building a memorial for the victims. He expresses the council's interest in creating a fitting and artistically compelling space.

Shervin urges the Iranian community to take more part in determining the future of their city and promises to assist if there's serious intent to establish an Iranian cultural and social center.


Guest: Councillor Shervin Shahriari


Journalist: Majid Mahichi

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Video Upload Date: February 16, 2024

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