Pope Francis Visits Iqaluit, Speaks to Residential School Survivors

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Pope Francis Visits Iqaluit, Speaks to Residential School Survivors

Pope Francis concluded his time in Canada with a visit to Iqaluit, Nunavut on July 29, 2022. During his afternoon visit, he appeared at the Nakasuk Elementary School Square, and offered an apology to residential school survivors.

This was the first papal visit to Canada's Nunavut Territory. It marked the conclusion of a visit to Canada where he offered apologies to residential school survivors and spoke to community members. The legacy of residential schools in Canada has been a painful and important issue for Indigenous and Inuit communities.

The Pope's visit to Iqaluit included performances with traditional singing and drumming, and private meetings with residential school survivors. The Pope also delivered a public speech outside Nakasuk Elementary School Square.

Some residential school survivors were in Iqaluit on Friday, including former Nunavut commissioner Piita Irniq, who was part of the delegation who greeted Pope Francis. Piita Irniq and other survivors spoke about their experiences in a private meeting with Pope Francis.

Uvagut TV’s Annabella Piugattuk was live at the scene doing interviews. Wearing a traditional amauti, Annabella spoke to community members and residential school survivors who were visibly moved by the proceedings. Uvagut TV's Lucy Tulugarjuk continued her live commentary remotely from Montreal, concluding a week of live coverage of the Papal visit. 

The visit in Iqaluit went longer than planned, as Pope Francis met with community members and spoke to survivors. Some participants protested the visit, while other community members were supportive. 

*NOTE: This program was broadcast live in Inuktitut on Uvagut TV on July 29th, 2022, and was part of Uvagut TV's week-long live coverage of the Pope's visit.


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Video Upload Date: October 23, 2023

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