Remembrance Day 2020: Cold Hands Warm Hearts

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Remembrance Day 2020: Cold Hands Warm Hearts

With daily New Cases trending above 100 per day for the last week, Saskatchewan residents are being told to voluntarily reduce their contacts, outings.

Legion Branch #371 President Shaune Lapworth made the call to hold this year's Remembrance Day celebrations outdoors, despite the -19 "feels like" forecast; the wind was cold, the hearts were warm.

"There is something fitting about a small bit of suffering in the cold to remind us of the sacrifice this Day represents" Lapworth agreed. The short 20-minute event was punctuated by new faces following municipal elections earlier this week.

In attendance were the Leaders from all three members of the Tri-Communities, and only 20 chairs for seating as a nod to provincial guidelines; additional members of the public watched from afar on adjacent roads.

Flags flying included: Canada, Saskatchewan, RCMP, the Rangers, the British Crown, LLRIB, Treaty 6 1876, and the Metis Flag.

When asked about Aboriginal Veterans Day - November 8 each year - and possible integration Lapworth admitted "As Legion President I put a lot of the weight for that on my shoulders" adding "It's a always been a goal of mine" to bring the Holidays together in the north.

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Sincere apologies to Constable Jung for replacing her great performance -- my camera's auto focus was loud and quite distracting, and I was quite a ways away.

Music: © All rights reserved The Last Post. Reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF (2020) - via Email Nov 11, 2020 - Media Relations | Relations avec les médias - National Defence



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Video Upload Date: 13 Nov 2020

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