RPTV WEEKLY NEWS – (Episode 47) The SDP Employment & Economic Group's February Meeting

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RPTV WEEKLY NEWS – (Episode 47) The SDP Employment & Economic Group's February Meeting

By Fred Alvarado. Fred is a community journalist with FOCUS MEDIA ARTS CENTRE

Welcome to RPTV Weekly News Show Episode 47 (February 28th to March 7th). In this weekly news show hosted by RPTV reporters Fred Alvarado, Kedar Ahmed, Ryan Field, Dylan Woolacoot, Miguel Ventura, Jabin Haque, and Victoria Nanetti, we present news that impacts on Toronto's Regent Park and the surrounding areas.

Episode 47 features segments on:

  • February 16th Report of the SDP Funding Task Group critical of the City’s Community Funding Unit (02:01 min); 
  • The Employment and Economic Development Working Group Meeting of February 21st, 2023 (08:37 min); 
  • African Women Acting celebrates Black History Month with Film TRACE – Tracing Rare African Canadian Extraordinaire (17:36 min); 
  • St James Town Community commemorates Black History Month— Boundless Healing event (22:08 min); 
  • Regent Park youth celebrates strengthening our roots—A black history month youth & community mixer at Daniels Spectrum (29:08 min); 
  • CSI Community Living Room leaves Regent Park with farewell party —What’s Next Fest? (31:39 min); 
  • YSM's Coldest Night of the Year Walk coverage by RPTV (34:45 min); 
  • Toronto councillors demanding answers from Metrolinx about Ontario Line transit project (40:05 min); 
  • Toronto City Clerk sets mayoral by-election for Monday, June 26 (42:06 min); 
  • Applications open for City of Toronto’s 2023 capacity-building grants for Indigenous-led grassroots groups and collectives (43:36 min); 
  • Canadian police used deadly force at record rates in 2022, new research finds (44:22 min); Covid-19 & Vaccination Update: Toronto Public Health supports National Kids and Vaccines Day with children’s vaccination opportunities (45:05 min); 
  • Events & Jobs in Regent Park Community (46:44 min). 

This week's lead story:

The Employment and Economic Development Working Group, known as the EED Working Group, is one the four working groups of the SDP. The working group is made up of residents, grassroots groups and organizations serving Regent Park.

The goal of the EED committee is to increase employment rates and entrepreneurial opportunities for residents of Regent Park. Considered among the lowest income neighbourhoods in Toronto, antidotal evidence suggests that many Regent Park households are struggling with employment barriers related to language, lack of skills, lack of accreditation, mental health, Islamophobia, systemic racism and more.

On February 21st, 2023, the EED Working Group held a hybrid meeting at the Daniels Spectrum Arts Centre, from 5-7 pm to let the Regent Park community know about employment and business opportunities.

The meeting was chaired by and Gail Lynch from the Women Entrepreneurship Program and Ismail Afrah the EED Access to Recreation Coordinator.

Residents came to hear about jobs & programs including:

  • Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (TCHC)
  • Centre for Young Black Professionals (Tridel)
  • Moving Towards Opportunity (Daniels)

The event began with a presentation from the Centre for Young Black professionals about careers, education, and empowerment.

Lizette Casoule, a member of the Regent Park black community also shared her employment journey.

Doug Minter, the Director of partnerships and sponsorships at the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce presented the Elevate Black Business Entrepreneurship program and held a friendly discussion with the community.

Fatima Saya, the Senior Manager, Social Impact at The Daniels Corporation gave an update on the Moving Towards Opportunity (MTO) Program, a youth employment initiative for 16-18 year-olds residing in Regent Park and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Ismail Afrah the EED Access to Recreation Coordinator gave an update about available job opportunities for youth to work with the Park Forestry and Recreation as well as a job opportunity for a workforce Integrator position dedicated to help residents find employment.

Finally, Barry Thomas, Community Housing Manager at TCHC spoke about available job positions with The Centre for Advancing the Interests of Black People.


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Video Upload Date: March 9, 2023

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