Ukrainian-Born Canadian Woman Talks about Supporting her Motherland from a Distance

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Ukrainian-Born Canadian Woman Talks about Supporting her Motherland from a Distance

Tetyana Golota is Ukrainian-born Canadian who moved with her family 24 years ago and settle in British Columbia.

With Masters in Engineering, she built great career in her industry but had to reinvent herself after terrible diagnosis of brain tumour. From young age, Tetyana learn how to sew cross stitch from her beloved grandmother. So she started helping friends and family with alterations and got inspiration to do fashion design. Showcasing at ECOFashion week, Vancouver Fashion week and various charities gala in town, she is well known creative person. Tetyana also is recipient of Hearth & Soul award, Person of the year award and winner of various pageants including Mrs. Canada Globe.

During past two months of War in Ukraine, she is volunteering at church, community events and created cultural presentation at International Fashion show to support her motherland and people of Ukraine.

In her life Journy, Tetyana Golota accumulated an impressive portfolio from  Engineering Education, Eco Fashion Soul, Women Leadership Vision and Inspiration by Example Heart & Soul Award for Inspiring and Supporting Women.Tetyana Golota won many awards for example,The Best Country Representation Award, The Most Inspiring Person of The Year Award, Shakti Award Women of Worth Award Nominee, RCB Women Influence Award Nominee, Curvy Model - British Vogue and Mrs. Canada. Tetyana Golota held many position in her career. 

1-CEOCEO Glow Women's Society.

2- Director Of Community OutreachDirector Of Community Outreach SheTalks.

3-  Mrs Canada Globe Classic title holder and Brand Ambassador 2018.

4- Planner/EstimatorPlanner/Estimator Westkey Graphics.

5-  On Demand Group SupervisorOn Demand Group Supervisor Ampco Manufacturers Inc.

6- Creative Director and CEOCreative Director and CEO Seven Star Grafix


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Video Upload Date: May 22, 2022

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