"Ultimate Dinosaurs" Exhibit Explores Prehistoric Manitoba

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"Ultimate Dinosaurs" Exhibit Explores Prehistoric Manitoba

Children and families are faced with a big question right now, where to visit in Winnipeg during the summer? 

Ultimate Dinosaurs gives the city a new temporary destination to visit, organized by the Manitoba Museum

This episode of "Civic Platform" features Dr. Graham Young, Curator of Geology and Paleontology, Manitoba Museum. The Manitoba Museum is the province's human and natural history museum.

Young tells us about the exhibit and its importance to the city of Winnipeg and surrounding communities, especially to newcomers who find a great opportunity to learn about Manitoba. 

Young also explained important information about dinosaurs, their history, the characteristics of each dinosaur, what they ate, and what distinguished them from other dinosaurs. 

Young then expands on the importance of this exhibition for children, how it explains to them the scientific facts of dinosaurs. Of course, not everything presented through children’s programs and cartoons are accurate, and through the museum the child can understand these facts in a realistic way, not by imagination. 

Young talked about the real fossils contained in the exhibition, which makes the picture clearer and closer to understanding when you see these fossils in their natural size.  

“Civic Platform" interviewed some of the visitors and employees working in the museum, who expressed the importance of this exhibition to them and its role in the happiness of children and visitors through its fun-filled atmosphere. 

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Video Upload Date: July 28, 2022

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