Impact de l'Initiative de journalisme local

La conception et le lancement du Portail des médias communautaires ont été financés par la l’Initiative de journalisme local (IJL) du ministère du Patrimoine canadien 

Dans le cadre de l'IJL, plus de 100 journalistes ont été placés dans des collectivités mal desservies et ont été invités à produire un contenu civique qui traite de la vie démocratique canadienne.

Sur ce page, les journalistes IJL racontent l'iimpact que leurs reportages ont eu sur la vie démocratique de leurs collectivités. Si vous voulez commenter sur un reportage que vous avez vu sur le Portail, ou sur son impact, veuillez se connecter ou s'identifier pour créer un compte.


Un intérêt flagrant des municipalités et de la MRC de l’Érable!

L’initiative de journalisme local a permis à la Télévision communautaire de l’Érable (TVCÉ) de mettre sur pied une émission dédiée à l’information grâce à l’embauche de Lydia Jacques, journaliste avec plus de

CHCO's Vicki Hogarth Receives Award for COVID-19 News Coverage

On Canada Day 2020, Mayor Doug Naish presented CHCO-TV's Vicki Hogarth a "Congratulations Certificate" on behalf of the Town of Saint Andrews and all its residents for her work reporting on COVID-19.

New West TV - looking at media from their own side of the Fraser River

By: Victoria Fenner, LJI Program Manager

Of all of the places in Canada, you wouldn’t think that there is a shortage of media in the Metro Vancouver area.

Media in a Tiny Town - Schreiber Media Centre

By: Kim Krause, LJI Journalist

Extra! Extra! Read All About It. Local Journalist Makes Good

Our fantastic Civic Journalist for Ashcroft and Cache Creek has been providing local news coverage for the last 8 months.  Once the pandemic hit and everyone was in lock down, our service became more important than ever before.

A Storyteller Finds A New Home

PORT HAWKESBURY - Since I became obsessed with the local and national CBC at the age of nine, I have yearned to be a broadcaster. Because of the Local Journalism Initiative, that dream is becoming a reality.

Like a Cat With Three Legs, We Go On

Regent Park, Toronto -- The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been staggering, there is not a single area of societal interaction that has not undergone some form of disruption. And yet, communities, organizations, and individuals have adapted.

MBC Radio increases video capacity

La Ronge, Saskatchewan -- Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation’s (MBC) has been supplying Aboriginal music, radio, and film to northern Saskatchewan since 1983 -- 37 years.