The Newly-Formed Asian Impact Society Puts Out A Children's Book in the TriCities

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The Newly-Formed Asian Impact Society Puts Out A Children's Book in the TriCities

Cathy Cena, Host at TriCities Community TV intervewed Justina Mark and Tiffany Duff of the Asian Impact Society.  It is a grass roots, politically neutral, 100% volunteer group of Asian Canadians that live in the TriCities.

After an incident where the two were blamed for the spread of Covid, being of Chinese heritage, they decided to set up an organization that worked to provide a positive image of the Chinese Canadian population in the TriCities and beyond. Generally, they wanted to promote multiculturalism and diversity while tackling racism in a positive way.

Their first project was a children's book called "Mina's Lunch", which was chosen from many stories that were contributed by the community.  It is a beautifully illustrated book based on one person's experience as a child. It has been published and is now being distributed to schools in School District 43 and to all the libraries in the TriCities area.

Their upcoming project is an Art Exhibition that is to happen this fall - all media are welcome. To find out how to make a submission and when they are due, check out their website at Again, the theme is about multiculturalism and inclusion.

Through collaborative efforts and open conversations, their vision is to unite allies and supporters to create positive change. Their mission is to share their experiences through stories and art as they raise awareness of Asian racial injustice. Through unity, compassion, empathy and education their mandate is to eliminate Asian discrimination, create space for healing and build inclusive communities by spreading love and kindness.

There has been a marked increase in racist incidents since the advent of the COVID 19 epidemic not only in the Tri-Cities but across Vancouver, British Columbia, and indeed Canada. Particularly hard hit has been the Asian population which is in no way responsible for any perceived lack of action or mismanagement by China itself.

The two young women are determined to make sure that they are able to turn their negative experience into something positive. Their objectives are to collaborate with others, including non-profits, business and individuals; to share stories and art that will help people heal and understand the importance of everyone getting along; and finally to educate people about the impact of racism on people.

You can find out more about this project and their other activities by checking out


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Video Upload Date: March 27, 2023

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