ACN 67: Voyent Alerts, Legacy Park Upgrades, and SD74 looks at their choices.

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ACN 67: Voyent Alerts, Legacy Park Upgrades, and SD74 looks at their choices.

From the Ashcroft Mayors Facebook page: "I am very excited to announce that the Village of Ashcroft has received a grant of $124,191 from the Province's Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program for upgrades at the Legacy Park campground. The funding will be used to put sewer service at all the sites (none of the public sites currently have sewer); upgrade all sites to 30 amp electrical service; and add tenting sites to the campground. The goal is to have all the work complete in time for the campground's projected opening date of May 1, 2021. Thanks to staff and public works for all their efforts in securing this grant, which will make our gem of a campground even better. A special thanks to manager Barry Tripp, who is a wonderful ambassador for the Legacy Park and Ashcroft year-round".

The Village of Ashcroft is rolling out an emergency alert system. Residents can register for free for Voyent Alert, which will let them know when there are emergency situations in the community. The system will only alert residents to six specific incidents: wildfires, mud or landslides, gas leaks, hazardous or chemical spills, train derailments, or extreme heat. Messages can be relayed by text, email, voice, or automatic messaging. Residents who want to participate in the system must register online for the notification alerts, which will provide critical information such as the location of the incident and preferred evacuation routes. Those who need help signing up are welcome to call the village or come in to use the computer in the village office lobby.

However, Cache Creek council has deferred a decision about joining the Voyent Alert Emergency Notification System, asking staff to bring more information back to the next meeting. At their meeting on Feb. 16, council discussed a recommendation authorizing staff to enter into an agreement with Voyent Alert. Their Emergency Notification System, which has been adopted by the TNRD and the Village of Ashcroft, allows residents to receive alerts for critical events in the community such as floods or wildfires through an app, text message, voice call via phone, or email. The cost would be $1,440 per year (unlimited users and unlimited communications) or $1,200 (pay as you go). As of April 2021, if the village took part then anyone registered to get the TNRD alerts would also receive Cache Creek ones, and vice versa.

In the spring of 2020, the Board of Education approved the HUB Online Network (HON) to begin filming public Board meetings which include Policy Committee, Committee of the Whole and the Open Board meeting. The Board agreed the filming could begin in September 2020 and that the filming process would be reviewed during the 2020/21 school year. The Board based this approval on a variety of factors including that the video would be recorded and then posted on the HON’s YouTube channel and Facebook page the following day. Open Board meetings have been recorded by The HUB Online Network beginning in September 2020 and posted on the HUB’s YouTube and Facebook pages. The move to virtual meetings has created some recording limitations and the February 4, 2021 board meeting was broadcast live on Facebook. Attached for discussion is correspondence received from The HUB Online Network outlining their proposal for future filming and distribution of Open Board meetings.



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Video Upload Date: March 1, 2021

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