Cannabis Sales in Cache Creek and Clinton

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Cannabis Sales in Cache Creek and Clinton


Sherri Forget, co-owner of Cynders, a cannabis store based in Clinton, discusses the process of opening a Cannabis store, and how Cache Creek is amending their bylaws to possibly have one open up in Cache Creek. She talks to Gareth Smart.

Forget opened her cannabis store on January 31/2020, in the small town of Clinton BC, a half an hour drive away from Ashcroft. This is first and only cannabis store between Kamloops and 100 Mile House.

The reason for this interview is because the Village of Cache Creek has started the process of changing their bylaws to allow the farming and sale of cannabis is the area. Forget welcomes the competition, and talks about how she gets customers from all over to come to her store, even if there is a store in closer areas. She also welcomes the possibility of local farming, "...more supply is never a bad thing".

She also talks about the legislation and hoops that she had to go through just to start her shop up. For example the amount of money that is involved for a cannabis start up, compared to other stores is interesting. she says "that there are only two banks that will do business with a cannabis store, and one of them is a credit union". Forget also shares that "...most things just cost more when you are a cannabis store, like business operating systems, insurance, and other operating costs are least double that over a different business". It was mentioned that Cache Creek was changing their bylaws to have cannabis stores pay more for a business license, to which Forget just nodded her head.

However she did cite that the Village of Clinton has been very fair with her, and has not taken any more money then they would from any other business that would want to open up in the Village.

Other topics covered in this interview include: Government Cannabis packaging, what you are and are not allowed to sell, how smaller shops are different from BC Cannabis stores, signage, and where she thinks this industry is going in the future.


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Video Upload Date: January 27, 2021

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