Councillor Meghan Lahti for Mayor of Port Moody - 2022 Municipal Elections

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Councillor Meghan Lahti for Mayor of Port Moody - 2022 Municipal Elections

Brad Nickason (We’ve Got Issues) and Meghan Lahti (Port Moody Mayoral candidate) chat prior to the upcoming Municipal election. In 1994, Meghan was a young mother with three small kids when she tried to stop development in Bert Flynn Park. The driving force since 1996 (minus one term) for Meghan on Council, has been eliminating urban sprawl and protecting the environment.

Meghan was not comfortable implementing the road right-of-way in Bert Flynn, but the decision was made not to fetter future Councils. She says removing the right-of-way does not protect the park and traffic on Ioco Road remains an issue. For example, there is a valuable deep-sea, rail-accessible port by Burrard Thermal Station which Meghan says will be reactivated. Utilities along Ioco Road also need to be replaced, so conversations need to happen with respect to the future of the area.

Having many opinions on Council provides diverse, well-rounded decision-making opportunities. Meghan never wanted to be Mayor. She says the tone set by the Mayor affects the effectiveness of Council. Meghan is inclusive and collaborative and feels she can bring consensus to the table. She says the public indicates they want positive change where everyone feels valued and heard.

Meghan wants an inclusive and connected community regarding issues such as traffic and development. Traffic is a regional issue and needs a regional solution. Meghan suggests engaging Translink to discuss re-implementing the Murray-Clark connector to alleviate congestion on the Barnet Highway. She wants to see more people taking transit and is discussing an Uber-style ‘transit on demand’ concept with Translink to make transit more convenient. Restarting the seasonal Shoreline Shuttle with support from local businesses could also be considered.

Allowing visitors to arrive by boat could lead to a more vibrant waterfront. Development of the Flavelle site (not towers) could include a small, eco-certified marina and a boutique hotel.

More seniors- and affordable-housing are priorities for Meghan. Using public land could reduce cost and leverage amenities. The old firehall site is the perfect location for a new library and mix of affordable- and market-housing. 35,000 units of affordable housing are needed in the TriCities over the next 10 years. Port Moody should create a low-carbon lifestyle and a diversity of housing units similar to Newport Village.


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Video Upload Date: October 8, 2022

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