St. Andrews Council Listens To Residents' Concerns Over Proposed 4-Storey Apartment Complex

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St. Andrews Council Listens To Residents' Concerns Over Proposed 4-Storey Apartment Complex

John Rocca of Bridle Path International Inc. made another presentation to town council on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 regarding his proposed four-storey apartment complex for 260 Water Street (on the site of the old HMS building). Rocca presented new design plans that integrated input from the community that he received after his last presentation of design plans to council.

Council opened the floor for residents of the town in attendance at the meeting to voice their concerns in the form of questions for Rocca to respond to. 

Michael Lansky who lives near the proposed location voiced his concerns about the project. 

"The design still looks like a college dormitory to me, and that's what I will have to look at every time I wake up," said Lansky. "This is also already a really congested area, so having more cars in the area will be problematic."

"We will sit down with the residents most impacted by the project, including their concerns over the facade," responded Rocca. "We want the public to be happy, especially the neighbours. I also am set on having underground parking, which I believe will alleviate congestion in the area. At the end of the day, traffic impact will be manageable."

Another resident living in close proximity to the proposed project, Mr. Greenway, expressed his concern regarding how the building could potentially impact the quality of life of those living near it. Greenway was concerned with possible traffic congestion, current aesthetics of the design concept and the height of the building. The proposed four-storey design would require the town to pass a by-law allowing for a four-storey building to be erected in the historic downtown core, which is currently limited to three-storey buildings.

"The thing that needs exemption is the height, not the architecture," clarified Mayor Brad Henderson who noted that residents could object within reason to what Mr. Rocca is proposing, especially with regards to where by-laws need to be lifted.  

Senior Planner of the Southwest Service Commission Xander Gopen said a new building has to be within 10% of the average height of buildings on the block. The Kennedy Inn is currently seen as the ceiling in terms of height restrictions in the downtown historic district.  

Council agreed that they were all fine with the height proposed for the building and will therefore proceed with further considerations regarding the project in future discussions. 

Council also discussed the location of the outdoor fitness centre. Members of the public had expressed displeasure with the decided location at the Point. Mayor Henderson said it would require a "majority rules" situation to determine if they could revisit the decided location to once again open the floor to consider other possibilities. Council voted unanimously not to revisit the location and to keep the outdoor fitness facility at the Point. 

"I would like to provide some context to my decision," said Councillor Marc Blanchard. "We as council have been provided with additional information. The outdoor exercise facility represents just one percent of the town's green space. I also feel this will enhance people's experience of the existing green space in the town."


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Video Upload Date: September 14, 2022

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