Local Journalism Initiative Impact

The design and launch of the Community Media Portal has been funded by the Local Journalism Initiative (the LJI) of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Under the LJI, over 100 journalists have been placed in underserved communities and asked to produce civic content that underpins Canadian democratic life.

On this page, LJI journalists share stories about the impact their content is having on the democratic life of their communities. If you would like to comment on a story you have seen on the Portal or on its impact, please Log In or Register for an account.


CHCO-TV Receives Recognition as "Champion of Cultural Diversity" from New Brunswick Multicultural Council

CHCO-TV received a 2020 "Certificate of Recognition" for being a "Champion of Cultural Diversity" from the New Brunswick Multicultural Council for work on programs such as the LJI-funded NBWA: New Brunswickers Want Action, which examines systemic racism in New Brunswick. CHCO-TV was recommended for the award by the Deputy Mayor of Saint Andrews Brad Henderson. Henderson said, "The community and the province of New Brunswick are lucky to have an independent news outlet like CHCO-TV that is willing to provide a platform for important issues and voices in our community.

CBC Atlantic and CBC New Brunswick Use CHCO-TV as a News Source

CBC Atlantic and CBC New Brunswick used CHCO-TV as a news source for a story on a body of a missing woman found on Navy Island near Saint Andrews. The body of woman was discovered by a group of local teens who had kayaked to the island. When RCMP and firefighters arrived on scene to recover the body, CHCO-TV was the only news outlet at the site covering the event. We offered our video footage to CBC for use in their news broadcasts. CBC New Brunswick used CHCO-TV's video footage for two different newscasts, and CBC Atlantic used CHCO-TV's video footage for one newscast.  

L’initiative de journaliste local – Un tournant pour TVC7 Abitibi

Grâce à l’initiative de journaliste local de Patrimoine Canada, TVC7 Abitibi a pu bénéficier d’une aide considérable pour l’embauche d’un journaliste afin d’informer la population locale sur l’actualité et les enjeux de notre région. En pleine reconstruction, cette aide a donné un second souffle à la télévision communautaire d’Amos afin qu’elle puisse étendre ces activités et améliorer son offre télévisuelle et informationnelle.

Making An Impact With French-Language Media

(The following story recently appeared in Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Ecosse, Nova Scotia's only French-language newspaper. Written by Le Courrier's Richmond County correspondent Robert Fougere, it is a sign of the impact our new French-language interview series Notre Cote and the overall LJI programming from Telile Community Television have made in our community's Acadan population.)


CHCO plays pivotal role in extension of Campobello Island ferry

The province of New Brunswick has once again extended the seasonal ferry from Deer Island to Campobello Island ferry until April 5th. The latest ferry extension means the approximately 900 residents of Campobello will continue to be able to access mainland New Brunswick without having to go through Maine. 

Le projet d’initiative de journalisme local (IJL), une nécessité pour assurer l'information télévisuelle en Haute-Gaspésie

Le projet d’initiative de journalisme local (IJL) a permis à Télé-Soleil de maintenir le volet information de sa programmation. Les (très) nombreux chapeaux portés par la directrice de Télé-Soleil, Sophie Ricard, qui faisait fonctionner à elle-seule la station depuis le départ de son dernier journaliste en date il y a trois ans, lui permettait difficilement d’assurer la réalisation d’un contenu d’information pour la communauté de l’est de la Haute-Gaspésie.

L'IJL , un impact majeur CTRB

Le projet d’initiative de journaliste local (IJL) se veut au cœur des actions de CTRB-TV, la télévision locale et régionale du grand Berthier et de la MRC d’Autray. La présence de notre journaliste local, Chloé Lemon, en plus de libérer les autres membres de l’équipe afin que ceux-ci performent davantage dans leurs domaines créatifs respectifs (culture, montage, tournage et captation) a permis d’atteindre nos objectifs, d’offrir à nos téléspectateurs davantage d’informations de qualité.

Granny Power Program a hit!

Word of mouth is spreading about NewWest.tv as we are providing excellent background information on many of the issues that are confronting the people of New West. Our analytics on social media have been rising too.

Learning in long-form: Reporting on Barrie's toxic opioid crisis

How does community media carve out a niche in a community with established media? As a brand new community media organization, the past months have been stuffed with learning more about answers to that question. 

While programming schedules, membership policies and more have all been moving forward, we’ve dived into conversations with community members.