CHCO's Vicki Hogarth Receives Award for COVID-19 News Coverage

LJI Journalist Name
Vicki Hogarth
LJI Partner Name
CHCO TV New Brunswick
Charlotte County NB

On Canada Day 2020, Mayor Doug Naish presented CHCO-TV's Vicki Hogarth a "Congratulations Certificate" on behalf of the Town of Saint Andrews and all its residents for her work reporting on COVID-19.

In his words in the public presentation of the award on Canada Day, St. Andrews Mayor Doug Naish said “There has been a complete transformation at CHCO, and most of it has to do with Vicki (Hogarth)… One of the things that most impressed me about what Vicki did during the COVID-19 was the fact that she was out point person .. we are the only community television channel in this province and I think that’s something that we need to be very appreciative of, and to understand what it took to get where we are in terms of having true community television in our area.”

Mayor Naish said Hogarth's thoughtful and informed questions during the daily COVID-19 Updates with Premier Higgs and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jennifer Russell were some of the most important questions asked by any journalist in the province.  “Two out of three days … the first question that was allowed by the moderator was always from CHCO and Vicki. I can tell you from my recollection that those were some of the most insightful questions that were asked amongst all the professional journalists. Vicki’s questions were the best. And it doesn’t surprise me that they came to rely on her to ask the first question. Her regular news reporting has not only kept Charlotte County residents informed; she's kept all New Brunswickers informed and has helped transition Charlotte County Television into one of the province's most important and reliable news outlets."

Mayor Naish also expressed gratitude and appreciation towards CHCO-TV for its dedication to serving its community and to continually being a true source of local news that Saint Andrews, New Brunswick its fortunate enough to call its local TV news station.

To see Hogarth receive her award and hear Mayor Naish's speech about her COVID-19 news coverage and the importance of CHCO-TV and community TV, go to:

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