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Barrie Resident Worried Construction Light May Trigger Seizure Risk for Wife Post-Brain Tumor Removal

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Barrie Resident Worried Construction Light May Trigger Seizure Risk for Wife Post-Brain Tumor Removal

A Barrie resident who expressed his displeasure with construction noise at 37 Johnson St. from the gallery during last week‘s general committee meeting spoke to City Council on Wednesday. During the City Council meeting, Len Savella opposed the noise exemption which Council had provided to the contractor FRAM and SLOKKER. Their development is located in a quiet zone near a senior care home. According to a city by-law, construction in quiet zones is allowed Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm only. The exemption would allow the company to extend the hours of construction from 7am to 8pm one day a week Monday through Thursday. 

The construction project has received opposition since it was announced. A petition by residents and businesses against the project gathered over 400 signatures. The council had unanimously rejected the construction proposal. However it was ultimately approved by the provincial Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. It is a final decision-making body on construction projects.  

Savella said since the construction began, the lifestyle of his family and other residents has been negatively impacted due to the noise, lights, and other disturbances. “My wife had a three and a half inch tumor removed from her brain,” he said and feared that the lighting could cause another seizure. “There's been no privacy fence put up.”

Savella submitted video evidence of these disturbances to the council. He has walked around the neighborhood to talk to other residents. He told the council that they also expressed their fatigue. He is recommending that the Council enforce the bylaw and not provide any concessions to the developer.

Director of Development Services Michelle Banfield stated that compliance will be checked by staff on Thursday morning. Councillor Ripma asked the staff to make sure the construction lights are not directly pointed at Savella house. 


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Video Upload Date: January 20, 2023

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