Despite 'Cash Grab' Concerns, Barrie Mayor's Plan for More Speed Cameras Advances Through Council

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Despite 'Cash Grab' Concerns, Barrie Mayor's Plan for More Speed Cameras Advances Through Council

Barrie City Council is pushing forward with the mayor's proposal to lease two additional speed enforcement cameras, despite ongoing concerns that the program might be seen as a revenue-generating scheme. Ward 7 Councillor Gary Harvey voiced concerns about the revenue distribution from such initiatives, citing Guelph's model where only about 15% of the income generated from speed cameras benefits the municipality. The rest is absorbed by administrative costs and the outsourcing of camera processing to Toronto.

Harvey emphasized, "I'd actually prefer if there's not a lot of money because I don't want this program to ever be perceived as a huge cash grab."

Barrie already operates two speed enforcement cameras within community safety zones, including school areas. The mayor highlighted that these cameras have successfully reduced speeding and enhanced pedestrian safety. In an effort to further educate the public on traffic safety and the role of camera enforcement, the city plans to spend $10,000 on a citywide mailout.

Mayor Alex Nuttall expressed a desire to gauge public opinion on traffic safety investments, stating, "I would like to ask whether they're getting tickets or not. Do you want investment in more cameras, traffic calming measures? Do you want investment in intersection pedestrian signals, but or do you want investment in a what was the crossing guard program?".

During a recent community safety meeting at Barrie City Hall, the committee also approved investigations into several traffic and safety proposals, including a no-stopping zone at St. John Vianney Catholic School, a new bike lane on Grove Street, a raised intersection at Medellin Drive and Country Lane, and a three-way stop at the intersection of Ann Street North and Hanmer Street West. Items approved at the Community Safety Committee meeting will proceed to the general committee for further approval before the final endorsement at the council meeting.


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Video Upload Date: May 11, 2024

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