New Restaurant Opens In Schreiber and Attracts Locals and Some Americans too.

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New Restaurant Opens In Schreiber and Attracts Locals and Some Americans too.

In Schreiber, Ontario, there once stood a little restaurant called Rosie & Josie’s Restaurant. The restaurant had been a beloved fixture in the community for decades. However, as time passed, Rosie & Josie’s Restaurant fell on hard times, and its doors closed, leaving a void in the culinary landscape of our little town Schreiber. After two decades Rosie & Josie’s Restaurant reopened.

Rosie & Josie started back in 1988, it was very successful and Vicky Commisso, Pina’s daughter wanted to bring it back to Schreiber and to give the town and the townspeople want they wanted. Home cooked meals, and a place to eat with your family, and she hopes to share it with everyone and everybody not sure the people of Schreiber. Vicky wants to also carry on her mother and aunts legacy by continuing the restaurant and by keeping the original name. Josephine Commisso has been living in Schreiber since 1956 and restaurants have been her livelihood her whole entire life. Josephine started working at the age of 15 at the Spaghetti House. Josephine says it’s like history repeating itself. She also said the first day and opening of Rosie & Josie’s was crazy and she was not expecting there to be such a massive crowd and everybody was pretty overwhelmed by how many people showed up. Vicky and Pina are so happy to be able to reopen the restaurant and they hope they can bring back the spark of the old Rosie & Josie's back for the people of Schreiber.


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Video Upload Date: December 10, 2023

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