Schreiber Council Meeting for June 28, 2022

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Kim Krause, TWSP of Schreiber
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Schreiber Council Meeting for June 28, 2022

The Schreiber council held its last meeting for June 2022. Some technical glitches prevented video being streamed for the first portion of the meeting. First up is the adoption of the minutes of all previous meetings.

Committee of the Whole recommendations included the payment to Terrace Bay for shared consulting fees relation to the community and safety wellbeing plan. The council then went on to adopt the plan into practice. 

Council approved:

  • Road closure around the ball field for the Canada Day events.
  • Supply and installation of automatic door openers at the municipal complex
  • Tbay Tel quote for surveillance and security system at the discovery centre. This will include monthly monitoring of the site.
  • Donation of a t-shirt and hat for the fish derby was carried.
  • Support for Shunia regarding schools in small communities 
  • Ceremonial Tobacco for the Canada Day indigenous event 
  • Lame Duck protocols in response to the upcoming election.
  • Sale of land on Main Street 

Director of Operations reported:

  • A possible leak in the new water tower. A possible error during construction might be the cause.
  • A total of six students will be hired during the summer months for town work and Discovery Centre.
  • Street line painting costs were discussed.
  • The medical centre security system needs an upgrade to motion sensors.
  • Fire monitoring in the municipal complex and alarm system will be installed.
  • A new hopper spreader will be purchased which will allow better spreading of sand during the winter months.

Recreation programmer report highlighted road closure issues that need to be addressed during the heritage days parade event. The Discovery Centre grand opening is also being planned and will also involve road closures in the area to control traffic.

Other items:

  • Schreiber Public Library Board minutes were included.
  • Waste water management report also included.
  • Question period will be moved to a different time during the meetings. Having the question period follow Delegations provides an opportunity for feedback from the public prior to approval of council bylaws. 
  • Under Communications items are referred to by number and the first one was a request to support the proposal to create more awareness in support for women victims of abuse in the judicial system.
  • A preliminary Budget report was presented by the Treasurer. It highlights trends and changes in the upcoming budget and has to be discussed before any budget is adopted. One of the greatest concerns going forward this year is the high rise in fuel costs for both heating and operations. 
  • There seems to be a lack of interest in attending the AMO conference this year. 
  • The summer meeting schedule will reduce council meetings to once a month for July and August. 

Other Business includes a bylaw to rescind Covid regulations as it is thought they will no longer be necessary for the time being.

Question period protocols were discussed and included the possibility of virtual attendance that was normally only allowed during emergency conditions. Live streaming will also be retained in order to keep transparency.

A new bylaw to replace the sale of lands current one was discussed. It adds new conditions that should prevent speculation and empty buildings that currently occur during sales and auctions.

Finally the standardization and implementation of work orders and maintenance documents will bring the system up to date.


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Video Upload Date: June 29, 2022

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