Schreiber reminds residents that taxes are due at the end of the year.

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Schreiber reminds residents that taxes are due at the end of the year.

Schreiber council Nov 14 2023

The November 14th meeting turned out to be a long onel of over 3 hours and opened with the familiar land acknowledgement followed by a few additions to the agenda. Treasurer Marlene Bottomley and Fire Chief Jan Morrison were also in attendance. There was a discussion for question period which resulted from an earlier phone call to the CAO office. Minutes of the previous meetings were all approved as presented. 

Council approved the purchase of two more benches for the downtown area in the spring. Schreiber has offered its support for a resolution to address cigarette company responsibilities.

All accounts for payment and debit orders were approved and ratified. A question came up regarding a few of the payments and were explained by the treasurer. 

A bylaw to approve an agreement between Northern Ontario Heritage Fund and the municipality was enacted. The announcement on what is included will be delayed. 

A resolution to authorize an agreement between the Terrace Bay figure skating club for operation of the concession at the arena was approved. 

Committee of the Whole started with the CAO report regarding the approval of fees for  municipal services and administration charges. This includes water, and taxes and collections. 

Property standards also impact the costs of operations such as when grass cutting is forced on homeowners in neglect of the bylaw. These bylaws are usually a way of unloading liability and force homeowners to comply or pay fines. Seniors haver been complaining lately that the extra work involved due to these bylaws is putting additional stress on already struggling home owners.

Fees for use of municipal facilities and equipment also have to be approved for next years budget. 

Next up was the treasurer’s report. Transfers to reserves were explained and details where money is placed for later use. Water and sewer estimates for 2024 indicate that a hike in those services is definitely on the horizon. The increase amounts to over 10% when looking at current bills per household.

Sales items at the Discovery centre were below estimates and were paid for by the municipality with no return expected on that investment. Profit and loss statements for Heritage Days and the Winter Carnival were presented. The surplus is often covered by a grant which did not materialize last year and left the town with another shortfall. 

Property tax arrears is another area of concern. Many accounts are still outstanding with more final notices filed this year as opposed to last. It would imply that some residents are simply delaying payments until the end of the year. 

Unfunded capital amounts for special projects expenses will be covered through transfers and some borrowing. Not all claims have been submitted but the outstanding amounts will be applied to the new budget for next year. 

The Director of Operations report included a status report. The plough truck and grader were all back in service in time for the winter season after undergoing maintenance. The new handi transit vehicle has arrived and will be put into service immediately after the final inspection. The intended date for the official start of operation will be the first week of December. Mayor Kevin Mullins has requested Schreiber Media Centre be on hand to cover the event. 

The arena repair report was included and highlighted the new infra red heating system and brine pump updates. 

The outdoor holiday decorations will be installed before the end of November. Additionally the cost of decorating the tree in front of the municipal centre will also be included. 

The kitchen in the community hall is in need of some repair work and will be also updated. Also a user manual for the ovens and location map of the lighting controls will also be created. 

Flooding issues were talked about in the Ethel street area. The area is on a flood plain due to mountainside runoff and the ditch often fills up when freezing weather sets in.

The road maintenance policy update was presented to clarify minimum standards and prioritize snow removal. Currently all roads in Schreiber require some form of repair or complete replacement. Also sidewalks in some areas are exempt from the current standards and need to be included in an updated policy. 

The solid waste collection bylaw also has been updated and will result in changes to waste disposal and landfill issues. Recycling has not been well implemented in Schreiber and the bylaw attempts to bring this issue up to current standards. A special council meeting will focus on updating the waste management plan and tagging of refuse bags and how it will be carried out. This will create additional costs to residents as the tags will need to be purchased and possibly even stipulate the types of garbage receptacles that will be allowed. A recycling policy will be implemented in July of 2024.

Special Projects report focussed on funding requests submitted and proposals for future projects. 

Recreation report presented updates to planned upcoming events. The winter carnival and Heritage days are the two big yearly events.

Beautification committee minutes brought up the idea of having a Christmas tree at the cenotaph but the issue of power availability for the lighting needs to be addressed. The soldiers mural was praised by the mayor. 

Economic development report suggests the need for more members. The recent ACC meeting had no reps from

Schreiber in attendance. Welcome signs for the entrance into town on both the east and west sides are still being considered. The cruise ships update was also included. 

The pavilion in the centre of town looks like it will be scrubbed. The original plan was to include the splash pad and a pavilion but when costs increased the priority was shifted to completing the kids splash park only. Some work had been done in preparation for the new pavilion but it would seem the project is on hold indefinitely.

Fire department report was put forward with Fire Chief Morrison in attendance. Fire hydrant maintenance and relocation was included. Fire permits are going to be modified. Online permits will be a priority as well as rethinking issuing of only summer permits. 

Library board minutes were presented and resulted in some confusion about a new sign for the library. 

Additions to the agenda were brought up at this point. There was a request to update the gas service to the garage after an initial inspection showed potential concerns. 

The older fire truck for Pays Plat will be incorporated into the current Schreiber service. It was hoped to keep the unit in Pays Plat but it could be better utilized as part of a fleet or sold off. 

The meeting was then extended for an additional hour.

An update to the fire in Rossport was presented to council. The main fire truck was slightly damaged during the response and will need repairs. 

Under Communications it was agreed to support a registration of voters proposal.
Another request to support Bill c310, a bill to increase the tax credits for volunteer firefighting and rescue volunteers, was approved.
Unfinished business finalized the scheduling of volunteers for the upcoming Christmas social including designated drivers. 
A temporary borrowing bylaw was approved.
A Grant in Aid request came in from the Food Bank and the North Shore Family health team.
The meeting then concluded.


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