Terrace Bay Council Addresses Problems at Water Plant.

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TWSP of Terrace Bay, Kim Krause
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Terrace Bay Council Addresses Problems at Water Plant.

The May 15th Terrace Bay council meeting started with a few items shuffled in the agenda and 3 additions.
First item up was the adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting. 
The CAO clerk report clarified the timetable for the upcoming AMO meeting. A delegation will meet with various ministers during the event in the hopes of securing project funding for the next year.  The MTO highway rest stop project will only be completed next year.
The treasurer report summary was presented and gives a snapshot of the current financial spending and operating budget.
The Operations Manager report focussed on the current status of the electrical system at the water treatment plant. Updates have been approved to sort out unreliable power supply issues. Recently a Boil Water Advisory was imposed as the back up energy system is under stress. Any interruption in distribution always creates a “Recommended Advisory" situation until the issue is sorted. Work is starting on the electricity upgrades and should prevent future problems once the system testing is completed. Recent testing seems to suggest that another problem is the actual reliability of the main feed from Hydro.
The programme Director report highlighted ongoing grant applications. It is hoped that once again the Lighthouse Festival will receive a grant to help cover expenses of the event.
The Community Transportation programme update was presented and helps to cover costs of patients needing transport to nearby medical services. Although not confirmed, other sources of funding are being considered to maintain the current level of service.
Terrace Bay is participating in the Going Green project and considering the creation of a community garden similar to what is in place in Schreiber.
There was a presentation for the request of a flag to be raised during Pride month in June. This has been in practice for the last few years and will be extended beyond June for the summer season. 
The housing report update was presented. Currently there is a shortage of housing for new residents. There have been discussions regarding seniors remaining in their homes (Aging in Place) with proper support available to them do this. A cooperative endeavour with Lakehead University is helping to complete the study to determine viability.
The Thunder Bay Autosport club will be a partner in this years summer Drag Race event and formalized their request for the use of the airport strip.
All bylaws from this meeting were then passed.
No questions or Other Business was brought forward.
The meeting was then adjourned.


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