Terrace Bay council receives pre budget survey

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TWSP Terrace Bay, Kim Krause
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Terrace Bay council receives pre budget survey

Terrace Bay Council met for the second time in January. There was two presentations at the meeting. The meeting commenced with the land acknowledgement and the adoption of the minutes of the previous meetings. 

The first presentation was from Lake Superior North Shore Tourism by Superior Country coordinator, Suzanne Kukko. An initial study was proposed in in 2018 with the first phase commencing in 2020. The tourism study will be extended for three more years and is intended to promote growth in the tourism industry for the north of Lake Superior region.

The report from the COA highlighted a surplus property sale in Terrace Heights. An offer to purchase has been presented and was accepted by council. A surplus goods bylaw offering items for sale allows for council to sell off a couple of iPads with the money from the sale put into reserves.

A process for the appointment of people to municipal committees is being finalized and should become a standard procedure in future appointments.

An update to the supportive housing programme was discussed in regards to funding. Many options are available for funding but requirements need to be considered regarding specific targets.

The ROMA conference schedule has been defined.

There will be a Open House on the budget to held near the end of the month where residents can bring forward concerns.

A pre-budget survey for 2023 was circulated earlier and the response this year was quite low. The results of the survey were presented to council. Post-COVID apathy was mentioned as one reason for the low response. The survey will be used as a guideline to help with budget preparation for the new year. The feedback was mostly positive and the comments will help to guide further policy.

The Municipal Accommodation Taxes (MAT) Report showed what funds have been collected and forwarded to various organizations. Additional funds will be rolled over to the Superior North tourism programme.

Council approved the appointment of a new recruit to the fire department.

Support for the Fresh Water Act with respect to the Great Lakes has been approved.

All bylaws were approved, with no questions during the question period. The meeting was then adjourned for an 'in camera' session for the remainder of the evening.


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Video Upload Date: January 18, 2023

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