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Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation Community Awareness and Education

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Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation Community Awareness and Education

The following interviews are the follow-up to the North Sask Victim Services Inc. presentations that were held in Beauval, Saskatchewan on October 27, 2022. The topic was Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation Community Awareness and Education. 

The presentations included:

Survivor Beatrice Wallace Personal Story 

Hope Restored - Human Trafficking 101

RCMP - How drugs and gangs relate to human trafficking and exploitation 

North Sask Victims Services Inc. - NTSI (support and transportation) 

North Sask Victims works to provide the following: 

Emotional Support in and out of the court process immediately following an incident. 

Information on what to expect and prepare for from and investigation through the court process such as how to answer questions what may be asked, etc. 

Referrals to connect those in need with services such as mental health, medical, shelter, and more. 

Advocacy within the policing and court system, and also other areas such as education, child and family services, social development, and more. 

North Sask is located in 15 RCMP detachments across Northern Saskatchewan. 

When they meet with a client and discuss what has happened, they discuss different options and resources they have to help begin the healing journey. They aim to match their clients with services based on their unique needs to provide professional assistance throughout the process. 

In the initial stages of any crisis, most people want to speak to someone who will understand their immediate need for information pertaining to personal safety and options available to them. The immediacy of their service allows them to aid in mitigating the harmful effects of trauma on the victim and their loved ones. 

Information source: northsaskvictimservices.com




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